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byTTom911, December 12, 2013
Pop any Module
very nice product (I agree though with other reviewers that the documentation should be better!) but also a very prompt and attentive support ! THANKS !!!
byTTom911, August 6, 2013
JSN PowerAdmin
Great contribution and enhancement , thanks a million.

And a very welcome "bonus" that other parts of the Joomla backend in my 3.1.5 install also renders on MAC/Chrome V 28.0.1500.95 ok now... Before the button controls did not show (but was ok in Safari and Firefox).

Anyways, THANKS JoomlaShine and "shine on" ;)
byTTom911, March 29, 2013
QR Codes Local 2.5
concept sounds good, but unfortunately the extension does not work in my case, is throwing an exception and no way to contact the developer for any advise anywhere.
byTTom911, March 13, 2013
VirtueMart Quick Summary
a very useful extension to turn VM into providing a good user experience, new release make styling much easier than before, very attentive service. All in all a very pleasant experience, highly recommended
byTTom911, January 10, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
OK, Joomla say's I have to write some more, just saying "Superb functionality, excellent service, great product, price fully justified, glad having bought it.!" would not be enough... SOOOO, HERE WE GO: IT IS REEEAAALLLYYY REEEAAALLLYYY EXXXELLENT AND I MEAN IT !!! In particular as the developer attended to questions I had immediately.
byTTom911, January 9, 2013
Gsocial for Alphauserpoints and Virtuemart
Very good being able to link social networking with user incentives (point, coupons). very useful ! Also very good, responsive support. THANKS !!
OK, Joomla say's I have to write some more, just saying "little VERY useful tool. THANKS TO THE DEVELOPER !" would not be enough... SOOOO, HERE WE GO: IT IS REEEAAALLLYYY REEEAAALLLYYY EXXXELLENT AND I MEAN IT !!! Coz the best start of protecting a site (and frustrate spammers) is not showing them the Admin Login Page in the first place.
byTTom911, January 4, 2013
Pro Sticky Message
I must admit, it took me a little while to grasp the concept of how the component and the module work together (no real manual (yet ???)...) but with the very responsive support from the developer I got there. And once I got it - it also all makes sense. It's just one of those extensions which are a little "off the beaten path", but because it is quite unique in its functions it also adds incredible extra potential to how Joomla websites can be designed, made user-friendly and interesting ! So, all the effort is VERY WELL WORTH IT! Honestly, big applause to the developer !!!
byTTom911, December 28, 2012
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
what better could u say... turns VM from the head to its feet..
byTTom911, November 14, 2012
Thanks, really a useful and user-friendly extension ! Good work all in all :)

Having said that, maybe some little things could be improved in the next release:

The styling of the links and buttons is not quite up to standard (no hover, buttons partly in PHP rather than in CSS, button images with text in them where CSS and ini text labels should be used. Its comparably minor, no headache, but maybe you address it next time?!

byTTom911, October 1, 2012
ARI Image SlideShow
really nice tool to add stylish slideshows to articles, for example (and of cause also in module positions). Lots of transitions, very happy with it.

If you would find even some time to add a nice Ken Burns effect to the large amount of nice transitions you have already, that would be great, as Ken Burns is different enough from other transitions to warrant adding one more - I think at least ;)

byTTom911, October 1, 2012
jQuery Easy
fantastic tool helping to solve problems which can be really painful . MILLION THANKS !!
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thanks for the review!

byTTom911, May 4, 2012
SP Weather
small, nice, easy - EXCELLENT ! THANK YOU ! :)
byTTom911, February 18, 2011
HOT Login
those are the "little things" every Joomla user loves: small, simple but VERY useful. Needs a little playing around to "hook up" the right login module published in the right module position (and that all depends on the template you are using and the login module you are using and can't happen "automagically" by the plug-in, reading the small forum helps!) but you are being rewarded with a cool and very useful addition to your Joomla site. I LOVE IT !
byTTom911, October 3, 2010
Art Twitter Search
... jquery conflicts were possible to manage quite easily (which is VERY rare among all the Twitter extensions!!) THANSK FOR THAT GREAT LITTLE THING!!!!
byTTom911, September 1, 2010
not much more to say: EXCELLENT. Well, maybe one more word: EASY. I used it for my friends artist website selling some og his paintings online using it with the Phoca Image Gallery and it works great all together. And if we could get the promised credit card payment gateway (in addition to the current PayPal payment option) you would have earned 10 stars out of 5... ;). Thanks A LOT !!!