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byTacitus, April 7, 2012
I have a non profit site This is a site to avoid aids spreading. How more persons I could get, better are the results, because information is everything in against aids fight.

I don't have much money. I'm a person living with HIV, unemployed and my adsense renevue is 100USD at each 14 months. I spend 89USD in a VPS every month.

I talk with Yana, that prove me I don't have resources in my VPS to run the app and ask if they could give me one year, pro bono, in order I try to increase my renevue and, so, get money to pay for the next year.

And they agree. I'm running the translations on the fly and several friends, including one who spokes russian told me that there is no errors in translation. I doulble check in english and spanish, that I understand and the tarnslatios are perfet. Wichi is not translated is something related to typo. Today I've already indicated this product to other person and he told me that will buy it.

If you need a translation, get here, with this guys. They are good in what they do and they are fine people, that trusted in me and supported a cause so ambiguos and stigmatic like AIDS.
Best regards