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byTariq, April 26, 2012
I'm testing it for Facebook now and it does work, when I look at my recent activities on my own page it showcases me liking the page,

however on facebook's general page where everybody shares the things they like, it doesn't apear, the whole sharing of the page thing was the very reason for installing this....., I can't imagine your extension is meant to be this way
Owner's reply

That was the problem of the Facabook during the transition to a new species, but they have to fix it. The buttons work as expected.

Vinaora Cu3er
I currently am using this extension for the purpose of advertising, rather than a slideshow it's purpose is a banner to me, together with my client I went trough a list of demo's and he liked this one best because "the 3D effects make the banners stand out."

I'm really statisfied with the product, it looks great & works like a charm, but I can't find out how to randomize the order of the pictures shown, perhaps I just can't find the right button to do that, perhaps it's an idea for future releases of this product.

And another Issue I have is that I can remove every button on the slideshow except for the timer.