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byTat2edCowboy, October 21, 2008
CiviCRM ver. 2.1stable on Joomla 1.5.7
I researched this component quite extensively! While it did take some time in the forums to even get it installed on Joomla, I did finally get it done. I then took on the task of using it. While there are many features that are quite appealing in this component it isn’t integrated very well into the Joomla interface.
Most of the “how to” documentation is directed towards the Drupal users and the component itself is better suited to Drupal.
I did try it in Drupal and I wish it was as well written for Joomla. Since I prefer the Joomla interface for my websites I’m going to have to ditch using CiviCRM until they make it more Joomla friendly, which I really hope is soon! Until they write it to be more Joomla friendly, they should reconsider listing it as a Joomla module.
So, unless you have extensive programming knowledge to get this to work on Joomla (which if I did I would just write my own component), I recommend looking elsewhere until CiviCRM is rewritten to integrate better for Joomla. While I do consider myself more than just a point and click user, I can’t seem to get this component to work like it should (like it does in Drupal anyway), much less teach a client to use it.