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byTayjoom, December 18, 2011
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The support from these guys is second to none. I had a number of problems getting the module setup how I needed it (using loadposition in an article), but through a combination of their instant messenger support and support ticket system they resolved all my issues, and even set it up for me.

I now have it setup with several links (actually, several loadpositions) within an article, which each open different articles in popup windows.

First class product & support.
byTayjoom, December 17, 2011
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I purchased this extension a week ago. The instructions to set it up are very limited (a quick search of the forum will show a number of people with setup problems, where it simply does not work for them).
I posted to their support forum 7 days ago, and emailed their support email addresses 3 times over the last week, but have received no help at all.
For a commercial product, I find the the complete absence of support unacceptable.
I am sure there are users for whom this just works OK - if so fine. But if you need support or help, then my experience is that you can forget it.