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Plotalot makes real good looking charts, graphs and gauges for your website.

It is said that you need some SQL knowledge before using the component - but in lack of other alternatives - and because the component was free, I gave it a chance anyway. I had practically never heard of SQL and mySQL before using this component.

I found that it is perfectly possible to insert data manually in this component. Just look at the examples. With a nice little excel document, I insert my sales data report in sheet 1 and the following sheets "spit out" the proper SQL terms for me to copy and paste into joomla.

Thanks for a great tool!
I wanted to clean up my website by sorting content into expandable categories, and Sliders was the perfect plugin for that purpose.

I am an unexperienced Joomla user and this is my experience with this plugin:

- It was really easy to install
- Making a slider is easy, because you just have to click the insert slider button
- I needed to make several expandable categories within a slider, and with a quick look at the user manual that was also possible. (Nested sliders)
- I made an error in the slider "code" while trying to make nested sliders - and asked the developer for help. Within a few minutes he had answered my post. It turned out I hadn't read the manual good enough =)
- The sliders are perfectly responsive and adapt nicely to phones with smaller screens than pc's.
- I like the design.

All in all this is a very practical plugin that I highly recomend.