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byTelaran, May 18, 2013
Akeeba Backup
If you use a website more serious, than Akeeba Backup should be considered.

There are too many good reasons for it:
- Migration Tasks (Test, Productive)
- Development (If you messed somthing up)
- Security (If somehow your site was attacked, defaced, whatever)

Thanks to Akeeba Backup it's always not that troublesome and/or time consuming.

You can use the default settings, but I strongly suggest to take a bit time and break down what and how your backup should look.

I'm mainly using it on a website with around 1.6gb Download Files. I make now and then a "profile" Backup only with the necessary joomla data (so Backup is around 150mb) and through cronjob I make every week a backup (1.6gb+ and remotely saved).

I already had once a security breach and my website was filled with malware. Deleted the webfolder, run my Akeeba Restore through Kickstart and 45 minutes later (it took time to upload the Akeeba File to the webserver) the Website was back again.

With the Pro Edition you'll get some neat features. Based on your need It would make sense to compare it.

Support is also quite fast and can be recommended.
byTelaran, May 18, 2013
CComment Pro
In the beginning I used JComments. Back then it was okay.

As my needs and requirements increased and JComments more seems not suitable (Interoperability with other Components, Templates, Spamprotection), I've tried CComments. This is now several years ago. First I also was afraid on the subscription (bad experience with Docman).

Since this time I never regretted the subscription or the switch to CComments.

Daniel always try to be quick with compatibility versions and he focus on stable releases. Now the V5 also seems great and the idea of a "Core" Version should give many people a good opportunity for trying.

About Support:
For "just" a component and based on "small" yearly fee.. It's amazing.
You'll receive answers within 24 Hours and he take care of any bug, question, request.

I know that some would complain about the release cycle and it should get more often a "new version", but I prefer a stable release with features which are bulletproof (Usability, etc pp), than thousand shine useless stuff.

If you search for a comment component and you focus on long term usability/support and a support you can count... Then CComment is for you.