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byTenerifeBear, March 8, 2012
What can I say???? This is the 5th Extension I have bought from this company. This is no different from every other one... It exudes class, but it is simple to use and as long as you read the manual etc, is easy to setup.

But hey if you get stuck, and being a little beginner to moderate user level when it comes to Joomla, you can always turn to the support team. They are every bit as good as their products, really helpful, understanding, patient and go above and beyond to what should be expected.

Cant rate the company, its products or its support highly enough.
byTenerifeBear, May 27, 2011
Straight off the bat, I am not an expert in Joomla or programming.....

I used to used COrephp Wordpress for Joomla, and got problem after problem. I also found their support to be lacking and so not being an expert and unable to fix the problems myself became frustrated.

I had tried easyblog pre version 2 and liked it but because it couldnt do some of the things I needed (ie single bloggers) I couldnt use it on the site I was developing.

But with frustrations abound and having noticed Easyblog had upgraded to version 2 I had another look..... Boy am I glad.

The component and plugins (for which there are many and I cant see how I can even possibly use them all) installed easily without a hitch.

Using the manual I setup the background stuff just as easily with the exception of a couple of thing I didnt "quite get", but their is a forum for asking questions....right???? Each question was answered by their support staff (Jack or Sam) within a very short space of time and my woes dissappeared.

Talking of support I have found a couple of bugs in the software because of what I was trying to achieve and guess what, they were fixed within hours and were being added to the next upgrade. I also saw a couple of minor tweaks I wouold like done to the components and modules. I simply asked if it were possible and guess what, within hours they were done. Oh and I should say that is JUST using the forum side of things. They also have a ticketing system for support. But they might as well not have it because their support is so good in the forum. I have only ever needed to use it on their instruction so that I could send them a user name and password for my backend of Joomla.

The support for this component is the best I have EVER had bar none, and I dont mean just from Joomla products, I am talking ANY TYPE OF SUPPORT iI have ever used. These guys could shut up shop today and offer their services and know how in support and make themselves a fortune. WHat makes it worse the support guys apologise if they have not dealt contacted you within a few hours. The value of the support OUTWEIGHS HEAVILY the cost of the product itself.

THe product iteself works brilliantly, is simple to setup and easy to maintain.

If you are in need of a blogging system in Joomla LOOK NO FURTHER !!!! This is the one to buy NO DOUBTS !!!

If I could mark this component any higher than Excellent I would without reservation.

Well done guys you are what eveyone else to should aspire to.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the honest feedbacks, truly appreciate it!

byTenerifeBear, May 20, 2011
I am pretno expert in Joomla, indeed I am definitely at the other end of the scale.

In the past I have used Agora, till they starting selling it and everything went downhill from their, and phpBB3 using a bridge from rockettheme.

However since moving to Joomla 1.6 I didnt have the option of phpBB3 as their isnt a bridge for Joomla 1.6 that I could find. So I started looking at other forums.

I had tried Kunena a year or so ago but opted for Agora. For me it was just better. But I decided to give kunena another try.

Boy am I glad I did. It installed without a problem, and NEARLY all of the backend stuff is self explanatory, or can be gleamed from the manual.

I did have one problem but that was due to a "clash" of css between a rockettheme template and Kunena itself. No problem, I put up a post in their Forum and after a few posts back and forth my problem was solved.

Has it got what phpBB3 has got? NO !!! But phpBB3 is a much more maturer product. But then again phpBB3 doesnt seemlessly tie into Joomla. Is it getting to a place of being as good as phpBB3? I think so. I reckon once version 2 is launched it will be competing very heavily with phpBB3 and the other PAID FOR forums.

Given its lack of "power" and "lack of functions" in some areas I must admit to have swithered about awarding Kunena a 4 or a 5. But then I remembered the support I had received. That for me tipped it over the edge to get a 5.

On the subject of support I must really say something about one of their Mods - Sozzled - (The man from Downunder) - I get the impression he doesnt suffer fools gladly ;-) but this guy goes that extrea mile to help, or at least that is my experience - Thanks again "Ironman", you are a credit to Kunena.
byTenerifeBear, April 21, 2010
Having tried a few form extensions this is by far the best.

I am in no way shape or form a Joomla expert nor am I a Professional web designer.... I am an enthusiastic hobbyist. Joomla does what I need. From purchasing the product I had my 1st form up and running within 15 minutes.

Its very easy and simple, but I can see there is a lot of depth to it, I just need to do sit down with it a while to figure out the extensions full potential.

If only all extensions were this easy to get to grips with.