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byTenni, February 7, 2012
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The plugin does what it should! I already used it last year, but due to some compability issues (cannot remember exactly, but I think it was with Tabber/Slider) deinstalled it. Also I wasn't that happy with the anchor being added to the URL after clicking on "return to top".

Decided to give it another try now and was determined to work on any issues - but, there weren't any!
So the new version worked right out of the box now - great!

CSS can be directly edited in the backend. Try border-radius and box-shadow!

Also, with Joomla 2.5 it is now even easier to replace the default text ("return to top"): Simply go to the language overrides in the Joomla backend and add a rule for "PLG_SYS_TOPOFTHEPAGE_GOTOTOP". In my case I used "↑" (arrow pointing up), which works in most languages ;-)
byTenni, January 21, 2012
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The extension is definitely great and does what it should. If you are into php, js and css you can set up an individual eShop in a breeze.

The eCommerce functions are really quite impressive and it is apparent, that this extension has now been in development for years.

One drawback (which costs them one star in the rating) is their support philosophy: You are on your own, unless you pay. Now, their fees are absolutely reasonable compared with the professional market. That is not the point.

The point is, the amount of information that they put out for free is almost zero. Almost no info in the changelogs. In their forum (simply take a look) they answer mostly with 1 to 3 words and keep pointing to the same docs that did not help.

Get me right: I can live with that. I just think its fair that you know before installing this that you are on your own unless you pay! And that means you should have some development skills and tools and time at your hands (or money).
I personally have been using it for 6 months now. I had an update problem once (you have to use the update feature of the component and special update files), got no help other than telling me what I did wrong and had to spent some hours to get everything working again.
(Turns out many people make this update mistake, yet there is no clear warning!)

As you can see, I am absolutely rating this as "Good", based on the features and functionality (which in the end is what counts).
I just wanted to point to that support topic, which you have to be aware of (check also other ratings here and take a look at their forum).
byTenni, January 21, 2012
I am using this extension for almost a year and finally found some time to do it justice here: It is definitely one of the best gallery extensions around.

I have played with other extensions in the past year, but I always came back to this one.

It works in all browsers (including Safari on iOS), and is highly configurable. So I found a way to do everything I wanted to do with this extension. Other gallery extensions always seem to have one or two restrictions which finally made me kick them out again.

It is very simple to first set up and get going. But if you start fine tuning everything and exploring the possibilities, it will take you some time to understand everything and make use of its full potential. But the time spent with that is absolutely worthwhile.
byTenni, January 21, 2012
Follows the same principles, syntax, semantics as "Tabber".

Takes 10min. or so to understand.

Via CSS you can easily tweak the look and feel of the slides (some color schemes are built in).

Another great NoNumber extension. If you use this, "Tabber" should be your weapon of choice for Tabs.

Also check out the NoNumber extensions manager. It absolutely makes sense to use this, as soon as you use more than one NoNumber extension.
What a great extension!

Creating tabs is very simple.
After 10min. or so you know everything you need.

Some color schemes are built-in, you can easily create additional ones via CSS.

Tab titles can also be hyperlinks.

You can define which tab has the focus, when the page is first loaded. You can override that via the URL and define in the URL the tab to be in focus.

Have a look at the "Slider" extension by NoNumber which goes really well with this one.

Also have a look at the NoNumber extension manager, which will make your life even easier!
NoNumber Extension Manager
This is an extension manager as it should be!
It shows the installed version, the current version, the changes in the current version. With one click you can download and install the current version (or even re-install it).
Now, of course this only works for extensions by NoNumber. I recommend this, as soon as you have more than one of his extensions.
byTenni, January 21, 2012
DB Replacer
Great tool! You have to know what you are doing, as you are directly modifying the database. The extension will show you exactly what it is going to do, so if you have your wits together nothing should go wrong.
Extremely powerful as you can make changes to all your articles in a matter of seconds. In my case I replaced a content plugin and had to modify the syntax in all articles. It was a single operation with DB replacer.

Now one other thing I will also mention in other reviews for NoNumber extensions:
As soon as you have more than one NoNumber extension installed I highly recommend his extension manager!
byTenni, September 18, 2011
This extension together with additional modules and plugins almost can do anything you would expect from a calendar / events extension.

It is very easy to set up and use, but I think you need to have at least some tech background (css, html, js, php) to use it to its fullest potential.

If you decide to buy one of the support packages, you definitely get the best service around! Geraint is on top of every questions in the forums and just solved my last problem this Sunday, within 24 hours.