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I appreciate the great personalization of HikaShop.
It takes some time to understand:
- The menu architecture and integrated modules in HikaShop but once understood what did you want;
- Commands with "built-in" value to be tested to find out where the original value,
- The power behind each parameter to be discovered with the help online and very detailed in all languages​​.
  There the couple Hikashop-Akeeba Subscriptions "Core" that manages subscriptions as simply a product.
And finally the forum moderators with answers relevant to 90% in the next hour.
I tested and used for over 2 years and after having tested all I put 5 stars without hesitation.
byTeophile, December 22, 2013
ACL Manager
Sander Potjer has implemented a more effective technical support that I know. 30-40 minutes after a request for assistance a response is available!
ACL Manager is an indispensable tool for maintaining:
- Permissions for user groups,
- Permits a user
maintaining a comprehensive manner
The diagnostic tool is great to ensure proper operation of the site.
It became necessary for me.
Many time saving and excellent reliability joomla 3.xx. (and 2.5.xx)

5, 6, .... stars without hesitation!!
Admin Tools Professional
That to use it for:
- to generate the .htaccess that optimizes and secures the operation of a site without writing virtually any line of code.
- To combine the .js and .css and today I just beat all records of page load time with with less than 20 requests in 5 - 10 seconds measured by Firebug and a score of 90-95 which is A in YSlow.
- To clean the sessions, repair the database, create a password for the administrator directory... and many other things. Admin Tools performs these tasks that before were simply tedious and time required a lot of research and several components and plugins to use.

Note: Up until now on the same test site with different competitor components and plugins I had trouble getting better than 40 requests, 12 seconds of load time and a score of 80 in YSlow. (I have a low level ADSL 512 Kb to 1 Mb)

I would have not gotten these speed scores of my site without quality Akeeba documentation and the advice which Nicholas gives for Admin Tools Pro and other products that I use (Akeeba Subscriptions, Akeeba Release System and Akeeba Backup).

The forms of technical support are very profitable for a webmaster like me who developed his own websites with the great Joomla CMS without being a pro PHP programmer.

5 stars or more, at least!

Akeeba more products are already available for Joomla 3.0

Nicholas, good luck for this excellent work.

byTeophile, September 5, 2009
OSE Membership™
Helix answered my questions within hours. This is the first time I attended live to solve problems.
I won a lot of time!

Membership Control is a component that integrates well with Virtuemart and Joomla.

No duplication of info for managing subscriptions (addresses, payment, download ...) all these functions are performed by Virtuemart. Only subscription information are managed by Membership Control (Restriction on content "sections, categories, items, on modules, on menus for each membership based on membership.

No Ioncube. Membership Control works with Virtuemart 1.13 and Joomla 1.5 on my site shared 16MB ... It's great!

I am pleased to have purchased Membership and Quality Control services Helix.