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byTextosterone, January 4, 2012
JV News
I needed to create a specific articles listing for a site i'm working on and this module provided everything i needed!

Nothing spectacular, but hey, it works what it says it works, and works it well!

I had to tweak it/style it a little bit here and there, which was a breeze.

Thumbs up for the author, keep up the good work! :)
byTextosterone, October 13, 2011
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First, i think i should mention that in many years i'm into Joomla!, i've only written 4 extension reviews, mainly because i'm not a kind of guy that's too easy to please :)

This extension is simply awesome, and it goes into my "must install" extensions list.

I maintain a fairly large website with several thousand articles and around 8000 visitors a day and today i had to move everything to a new dedicated server which proved to be kind of lazy on processing power. It took almost 30 seconds for the page to load and i was trying to speed things up for the whole evening. To make things worse, i couldn't use Joomla's builtin caching due to some errors in one component that serves the section of the frontpage. I must admit that prior to the installation i was sure that this component won't do the trick either. Moreover, i thought that even if it would spare me from that error in the component i just mentioned, the results in speed would be minimal.


My pages are F.L.Y.I.N.G!

I can't thank you guys enough! :)
byTextosterone, May 16, 2011
Today i realized that i haven't yet wrote a single review for this man's awesome extensions, and i use them literally on a daily basis!

My country officially uses two alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic one.

ReReplacer spared me from trouble of adding every article twice to our website, by automatically replacing Latin characters with Cyrillic ones.

After i got an idea for using this component for this problem, i contacted Peter and asked him how could i achieve this, and he has put me on the right direction in a matter of minutes.

I created an xml file with character replacement list, created a link which sets a simple cookie when clicked on, and set the Publishing Assignment PHP field to read the cookie, and voila!

We have thousands and thousands of articles on our website and i can only imagine what a pain it would be to have to add two versions of articles manually each time.

As i wrote already on another Peter's extension review, the support you get from him is unmatched by any commercial extension i've used until now!

Thanks man!
byTextosterone, May 16, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Advanced module manager should definitely be a native part of Joomla!

As with other Peter's extensions, it works and works extremely well!

I can't remember when was the last time i DIDN'T use it on a website i'm working on!
byTextosterone, May 16, 2011
Content Templater
One more Peter's extension that is on my "must install" list!

I first used Content Templater some two or three years ago, when i needed to simplify the article entry process for our magazine's non tech savvy authors. I needed an easy way to explain to them how to format the intro text, where to place the image etc.

Content Templater did the job extremely well.

Later i realized that beside helping other authors, i can also use it myself when i have some repetitive tasks to do, so i'm now using it almost on a daily basis.

Today i needed to find a way to simplify the process of adding entries to a specific K2 category, without having to choose the category from the dropdown list, and on my surprise i've found out that the new version of CT now supports K2 too.

After trying it out, i had some issues (nothing was wrong with Content Templater, Joomla template i was using was creating problems with JS compression) so i posted a question on NoNumber's forum, and i got a response in a matter of MINUTES!

Not only this extension is great, but the support is better than what you get from commercial extensions, well, at least from ones i've used until now!

Thank you Peter! :)