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byThaiMCTours, June 17, 2012
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ARTIO Booking
Advertised as 'Universal', no. Awful, awkward to use and universally poor, yes.

Noticed al the other complaints are answered with a "you know nothing" attitude from the providers? They've never heard of ANY customer being right, will argure black's white, bring in non-relative points...should be politicians the way they twist & turn.

Service? NON-existent. I posted on the forum, waited, posted again, used the site email function twice (probably about as effective as the book-it extension itself), no answer.

The calendars are a day out, the extension intrusive & conflicted terribly with the rest of my site, HALF the site went down until I gave up with it through sheer exasperation, didn't just unpublish it, deleted the unholy creation altogether...and had a shower wishing I could do the same for our poor site after it being violated in such a fashion!

The best thing about this extension? The DELETE button! These guys should be strung up for the abysmal practices & mis-direction used in their advertising.

LUCKILY we've stopped the credit-card payment. Even after a list of complaints 10x this was presented to them all replies were naught but senseless rambling argument without direction.

Their product will be fine for your website if you don't care whether you receive business or frighten your potential customers away with unbelievably convoluted direction.

I've NEVER in my 45years been conned/berated and altogether screwed over in such disgraceful fashion.
Owner's reply

there is not much to say... we have emailed you back 2 times asking about what specific error you have... you never answer that question. Your so-called list of complaints was just a general-talk about I do not like this, I do not like that. You have not reported a single bug or error or any deviation from the functionality we say the component has.
So I see no reason in continuing communication, where one party is ignoring the questions of the other.
Ok, the component seems complex to you. It might be right, as there is a lot of possible settings, because it can be used in many ways.
You had a full chance to go with the free version for a test.
But you asked no specific question and you are complaining about not getting an answer.

byThaiMCTours, May 27, 2012
Rentalot Plus
My webmaster informed me Rentalot Plus was the booking service I required for my tour company. It turns out I was misinformed, which I realised the moment I read the FIRST paragraph of description on their site.
I emailed them to enquire if there was any way the hurdles could be overcome, same day received a very courteous, professional and also friendly reply; after VISITING our site & evaluating our product range I was correct, it wasn't the service for our business at all...and offered a more than satisfactory solution at the same time.

Marvellous service, even though they had nothing to gain out of the deal, I wouldn't hesitate recommending LesArbres to anybody.

Thanks again!