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byTham, February 10, 2012
When I first installed on Joomla 2.5.1, no problems with install. Create a test event and try publish to menu, click on the menu item from front end, blank page appears.

Wrote to Ohanah, they insist on backend access to resolve the problem. I asked them to remote on my computer to view the backend instead as I would never trust someone on my backend access with access to all root folders. Then they ask for info on my site, i gave all the php info, system info, turn debug on and everything, found out their module injector is in conflict with other modules. Then they replied "Can you send me a backup of the site using Akeeba so I can find out which extension is causing the conflict? "

All these bugs has been going on for a week, I uninstalled from my site, very rude customer service says "I'm being difficult for not giving back end access"
What's so difficult in remoting on my PC and solve the problems? They claim they need developer tools to resolve it. Hey I'm a web developer and i should have all the tools you need

Now obviously my problems with module injector is not working fine and I have uninstalled it from my site and when I ask for refunds, they said NO because they claim I didn't cooperate to resolve the problems. Hey guys, this component is not a BETA release! We are not here to become your tester!! To become your tester to test bugs, we are supposed to be paid instead!

Here's their reply on not giving me a refund

"The module injector is a feature no other Joomla extension has, and it could create conflicts with some of them given it is 10 days old.
Our beta phase has lasted 2 months, we can't possibly test every Joomla extension and see if it creates incompatibilities."

Well, if you are patient enough to install this component and willing to give your backend access to them to solve this problem, and you not knowing what they do to resolve the problem, then you may buy it? If you ever need to reinstall your site, and if you are no longer in support subscription, then you are doomed. This guys are really difficult to deal with. Alternatively I suggest you wait couple of months before their stable release!