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Can't believe the development of this component goes from Strength to strength. Its a great idea and George the developer is most helpful. He finds time amazingly I may add to assist, respond in the forums, create new functionality for other components to integrate with flexi, all whilst improving the application building new functionality. The ability of the component to have specific article types is great when used in a multi user enviroment as bespoke article types can be created to suit specific needs.

Keep up the good work and Thanks.
Chronoforms is one of the standard components which make up my Joomla Installations, contact us forms modified to represent the business / club / individuals specific requirements are easy to produce and secure with the options to include recaptcha's etc ensuring a standard look across the whole site. Great product and Forum support is very good and prompt as well. Thanks
byThatch10, December 22, 2009
Had to come on here and praise the jfusion component / team and support. I have been using the component for over a year now and have always been very impressed with the development.

On looking through the extensions reviews I was very disappointed to read DamienDarwick's assassination of the teams support.

I have had problems caused by other companies paid for components (The component interfered with the phpbb3 forum) and Marius rewrote a whole file of code to ensure that the other paid for component would not prevent the forum software from working. The problem was not with jfusion however the team worked faster on a fix and even discussed the problems with the other components developer in 'technical speak' in an attempt to get a resolution. 5 stars just isn't enough for the support that I received. For me its one of those must have Joomla components. Keep up the great work and roll on 2.0