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The Don

byThe Don, December 15, 2013
Lost for words. I am an IT entrepreneur and part-time web developer. As such, I have not and do not wish to invest time and money in starting a web dev company but at the same time would very much appreciate if the few awesome sites I make can bring in the odd client who admired my work. So how would I achieve this? I hate, simply hate and loath devs who force visible footers that compromise site security and appeal even if their service is free, it just not the way to go. So as a part-time dev, I would never want to leave a footer myself so the best course of action is to create a contact form where the site user can choose whether to contact support, sales, etc as well as web developer. Brilliant isn't it. So now, I can get an email should someone visit a site I made and wish the same.

byThe Don, December 6, 2013
This little plugin brings about a very fancy way of displaying system messages. Most effects I personally did not like but one of them (the default) is very very nice. Couldn't have made it better myself.

byThe Don, December 5, 2013
JV Override Scroll
1.) This is the only extension out there that can help you customize those ugly looking win 95 panels that browsers use.

2.) This is 100% Free.

3.) This actually works.

I am creating multiple profiles for my users all with different templating sytles. For those that use background images, I prefer to have divs fixed, so for contact that exceeds the boundaries, I use overflow:auto css. This brings 2,3 or even 4 scrollers depending. It would have been unappealing were it not for this extension.

byThe Don, December 5, 2013
Jomsocial is simply an amazing extension to socialize your Joomla! website. Sometimes, I sit back and wonder, how do they do it? With this thing, only your imagination stops you from being the next Facebook. I have just used it to create a business network and when it succeeds, people will be looking at me, but I will be looking at these guys. Lovely extension.

byThe Don, December 5, 2013
Knu Jomsocial Menue Everywhere
This is great for social networking. Because now you can include other extensions especially components within Jomsocial menu. In short, with this module, now I do not see the need to have other menus on my site, this is the defualt. Thanks.
Slightly unfair view below, especially since he/she was a previous customer who dint bother to leave a review when all was working right. Keep it up developer :)
byThe Don, December 3, 2013
jQuery Easy
This extension needs to be renamed Jquery Magic! Because this thing performs miracles...


No developer is fantastic at everything, so to build a fantastic Joomla! site you must combine the best extensions you can get, best slideshow, best menu, best this and that. Result, best jQuery conflict :(

Solution jQuery Easy :)

In layman's language
You want to combine the engine of a Ferrari, the body of a Benz, the power of a Range Rover into one car. Jquery easy is you chop shop.

Pure Magic.

Owner's reply

Thanks so much for the review, I do appreciate it!

byThe Don, October 31, 2013
Cloudflare is the best FREE cdn available out there no doubt. CDN isn't a walk in the park, you really have to know what you are doing or get into trouble with script conflicts among other issues. For the joomla backend always disable cloudflare cache using page rules. Anyway, I am not here to provide cloudflare support but state that this plugin has been long overdue for joomla 3! With it, I can now see the real ip addresses by users who spam and block them using other extensions such as admin tools. Thanks!
byThe Don, September 15, 2013
FavSlider Responsive Slideshow
This is a love, module of the highest quality. The size is small so loading times are not affected yet the output is truly beautiful and amazing. Only wish it could load more than 10 photos and also more than 2 modules on the same page. Features I am sure these talented developers would surely incorporate in the near future. Other than that, I really like this module and can't wait for updates as I think I will be using this for long periods to come.
byThe Don, September 10, 2013
Wonderful extensions, absolutely wonderful. Space has become an issue for modern websites and this saves you tons of it. Member Login module, UddleI Mmailbox module, Groups Module and others are now loaded into this Slidebar module with a very intelligent way of sliding in and out. Have read a few features for the next version and I honestly cant wait!!

Thank you Developer, absolutely satisfied customer.
byThe Don, September 6, 2013
DM Pinboard Lite for K2
This is a lovely, lovely, highly professional yet 100% free with NO backlinks extension from DM. I am a joomla novice with less than a year's experience so you can imagine my delight when it installed so smoothly no copy paste hacks or component configurations just a simple menu link creation and styling the parameters to taste. It lacks very few features like filtering by featured k2 items and allowing some html tags to not be stripped but I am confident with the skills at hand, such features and more are not too far away!

Thanks to the developers and team and continue the good work!
byThe Don, May 6, 2013
Soundcloud content
In this day and age of social media and all, most websites need some sort of connection to other sites, Facebook itself allows you to embed videos and audio from other sites. Having said that, this is one of the few plugins and even fewer Non-commercial plugins that lets you "connect" with other sites and guess what, no link to the developer. What more can I say, thank you.
byThe Don, April 28, 2013
For the few of us that need to embed wiki's, especially Wikipedia content on a website, I can only say this:

This is the ONLY extension that can do that, the only! And believe me, I have searched for others for so long before finding this one. Secondly, apart from being the only extension that can do that, this one works like a charm yet the plugin is only 17kb in size. My only tiny suggestion is that it would be 100 stars if it works by simply copying a link from the browser and pasting in content without adding the {qlwiki url=.....} this way users don't need to find it difficult but for sites without user initiated content we site admins have no problem.

Cheers to the developer!
Owner's reply

Thank very much for this review (*blush).
Thanks for the idea of {url= }. If it is possible to do that, it will be in the plugin's next version:-)

byThe Don, March 3, 2013
Only one thing to say, and I honestly mean this, it is developers like this that make the difference in Joomla. I wanted to start a website business, dint know how, joomla taught me but such developers make the site awesome. I was so close to signing up for a FREE mobile component the catch being it will display an ad on my template just for making it mobile. An ad that might even direct traffic to a rival site if they want, I thought I was stuck but this little but mighty plugin has made the difference. I created a simple basic one-columned template that mirrored my current one but removed(by not defining them in index.php) some modules that weren't mobile friendly such as ones that call mootoools and javascript, and included some that are. Now what was left was to redirect mobile users to my mobile template, this plugin works like a charm, almost too simple to believe it, I made my site mobile in just 2 hours and now a page loads at 10% of original size and time with this plugin. JUST AWESOME. THANKS!!!
byThe Don, February 7, 2013
Most definitely the perfect Social Login Extension out there, best of all it's FREE! I couldn't be happier. The instructions are so clear that I a beginner like myself got this up and running in 15mins mainly coz I had to register on all the sites I wanted their social login enabled. Thanks.
byThe Don, February 5, 2013
Slideshow Minutes
This is the start of something special. The introduction of tv advertising to websites. Sell a specific minute, every hour of the day, for one day at a certain price. This can only get better.
Thank you developer and I will certainly chip in with any ideas I have to make this better.
byThe Don, June 29, 2012
Notice Board for Community builder
I've looked and looked, googled and googled, for a FREE extension to make my CB 1.8 more social, with a wall-like (notice board) feature. This is it. Had a small css conflict with my free ftj template and send an email before I went to sleep (african time-nairobi) woke up to a detail response that solve it simple! Sent the author suggestions that I think could make it even better/Excellent/5 star!