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byThePiston, February 5, 2014
I'd give it 5+ stars (if possible) if it had ability to set a trend line. Works with iOS since it isn't flash. Very powerful.
byThePiston, April 19, 2013
Max Failed Login Attempts
This plugin needs 2 options:

1) ability to limit the plugin to backend or front end and/or

2) limit the plugin to only certain usernames or groups (say if you only want to monitor people trying to login under "Admin" username or anyone in Super User group)

Otherwise it's a great start!
byThePiston, July 14, 2011
I tried all of the JS and CSS compressors and one was worse than the next - lots of incompatibilities with other extensions. JomCDN is different. It worked for me 100% out of the box. You just set up Amazon S3/Cloudfront publish the plugin, and set the cron. Boom - you're now in the big leagues. HUGE improvements in speed as well as taking the bandwidth load off of my server and onto Amazon's shoulders. GET IT
byThePiston, July 6, 2011
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perfect for when you want to post a module by itself on a page without an article. I gave it 4 stars for lack of 1.6 support.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review,

however, lack of support for 1.6 is not a drawback, it just means that i haven't made one yet. you could have voted 5/5, and sent me an email asking me for v1.6, that would have been much nicer.

byThePiston, December 11, 2010
Event Booking
This extension is off to a nice start. It foes not have the bells and whistles of dtregister, but then again it doesn't have the bugs either. A few more features such as conditional fields and this extension is good for 5 stars.
byThePiston, May 27, 2010
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I'd give this extension 7 stars if I could. It allows you to create really nice-looking profiles and profile edit pages with EASE. Each new version comes with huge advancements. YOU MUST GET THIS EXTENSION IF YOU USE COMMUNITY BUILDER!!! Awesome.
byThePiston, January 26, 2010
The Geocode Factory
This has been long overdue - a mapping tool that geocodes addresses as well as places them on the map. Very easy and very awesome. Good support too in the forums.
byThePiston, September 24, 2009
Finally a working system to stop spammers in CB. If you havn't been following on the CB boards, their captcha component no longer stops spammers. Not only that - they offer no support. I bought their document subscription, just to get the captcha plugin and IT DID NOT WORK. I installed this plugin and BOOM - no more spammers.... awesome.