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byTheWebAdmin, April 1, 2013
jupgradePRO is nothing short of a time suck and a complete waste of time, unless you have hours to devote to total frustration.

Both restful and databse methods fail to work. I have a simple content only site that is not very big, 10 pages and 6 images, that is in 1.5.26 with everything up to date. I tried jupgradePro in both 2.5.9 and 3.0.3 Joomla and received the same error; the user does not exist. What is so ridiculous is that there has only been the one user, me, forever, there is no other user in the db. All of the info for setting up jupgradePRO in my account is accurate. The db version also fails.

Whoever runs the redComponent forum does not bother to respond at all to any requests for help. This issue is a known issue and has dozens of similar complaints exactly like mine. The wiki documentation is completely lacking and searching the posts yields no answers whatsoever.

I wouldn't mind paying the $20 for "personal" support if I had any sort of feeling that there were people at redComponent that actually cared about the quality of their product and customer service, clearly there isn't which is sad as the original jupgrade was a good extension that worked effortlessly every single time I used it.

This "PRO" component should just be fixed and sold commercially because it is obvious by the lack of attention it has been given that money is apparently all they care about.

Shame on redComonent - Don't waste your time with this, you would be better off just doing it all manually with copy and paste.