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byTheWraith, November 1, 2011
Installed the component into my 1.5 and then installed the activation module. Published the activation module and refreshed my website.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class js_JSConf in /home/farrells/public_html/administrator/components/com_j4age/libraries/base.classes.php on line 243

If I unpublished the activation module the fatal error goes away. I imagine I will try the activation plug-in, instead.
Owner's reply

Hi, this is not really a j4age. I guess you have installed JoomlaStats and did not uninstall / disable it as documented here, in the component, on the webpage. We also show an error message within the j4age administrator tool itself until all modules related to Joomlastats are disabled.

j4age is the newer version of Joomlastats. Running both version in parallel will cause issues!

byTheWraith, December 31, 2010
This extension is very robust and loaded full of features, but I have experienced some issues using the "Latest Events" module with Joomlart's Purity II template. Using the default rounded modules, in certain display modes the JEvents output conflicts with the proper displaying of the Purity II module borders. This doesn't affect all display modes, however. I haven't tested with other JoomlArt templates.
byTheWraith, August 17, 2007
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I was a prior user of versions of JCE and was discouraged to see the Ryan had moved his Pop-up Image features behind a $20 membership charge to his site. Doing a bit of Googling around, it appears that I'm not the only one dismayed by this. I have elected to use another editor for all my Joomla sites.