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byThe_Mastermind, July 4, 2008
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JCK Editor
Excellent improvement (2.6) - however, if you use Firefox - be sure to disable Firebug on the site that this is loaded or the editor will not work properly.

In Safari, you still cannot right click an image and get the edit image options... it thinks that you are in the text and not on the image.

In Safari, the popup for inserting images and links does not work. Just shows a cancel button in the upper right hand side and clicking it does nothing.
Owner's reply

Hi The_Mastermind, I did notice that the 1st compatible Firebug version for FF3 kept refreshing the page a bit, I didn’t consider or think it might be the editor! However i’m not getting this anymore! Maybe it was resolver when Firebug was last updated? Thanks for your input & engorgement, I think I have answer your comment in the post above. Take care.