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byThofr, March 9, 2013
Easy to use component. Works out of the box.

To bad that it is not possible to style the invoice with css and have it converted to PDF. Also inline html possiblities - even font types - are limited. So do not expect to send an invoice in your customers branding style.

Suppport is excellent though. When I wanted to style the invoice with a background image they offered a solution, which could be implemented without problems.
Owner's reply

Hi Thofr

Thanks for your review! I am happy to hear that you are pleased with ccInvoices!

You are correct, when styling a PDF document you can not use all CSS functions. This is limited by third-party PDF libraries. A PDF library converts HTML output to PDF, and unfortunately PDF libraries do not support as much CSS functions as browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc) do.

We already use the best PDF library in ccInvoices (TCPDF), and in the next ccInvoices version will update TCPDF to the latest version so even more CSS functions become available. I am sure that eventually PDF libraries will support all CSS functions. At the moment the most common CSS functions are already available (about 75% I think).

The background image solution we developed for you was actually a good idea! We will add it to the next version as a default for all our customers.

Kind regards