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byThomasRH, January 17, 2014
Live Graph JX
Just what I need to show analysis of my data. Works great with Table JX. I got this extension when it is brand new and there were a few bugs. The developer worked with me and worked them out. He helped me with problems on my end and also educated me on how to use phpMyAdmin better than I knew it. Fantastic support and beautiful and useful product. Thanks!
byThomasRH, September 22, 2013
Table JX
I have needed an app like this, and it works great. I had a number of start up questions (not to do directly with the extension but about mysql's etc.) and the developer was patient and helped with all my questions. Thank you.
byThomasRH, March 19, 2013
CW Multicategories
One of my most useful components of Joomla. It was worth disabling another one I like and use to be able to use this one. When I need the other, I re-enable it.
Thanks for what is becoming an essential extension for my web site.
byThomasRH, February 25, 2013
Real Preview for Joomla
It works! I write a lot and use it all the time. Very useful. Thanks.
byThomasRH, February 27, 2012
Couldn't be easier to install and set up. Another translator interfered with my main menu, but this doesn't. It works immediately and flawlessly. Thanks.
byThomasRH, August 20, 2011
News Tab
I use it on my front page which shows how much I trust and value this extension. I am happy with the attention given me by the developer to tailor it to my needs. The newest upgrade has features important to me, and I hope there will be ongoing work to give more flexibility to the extension. I would like to be able to modify settings within each tab and to toggle more of the options on and off (such as date created/date modified -- to be able to do one or the other instead of both and to be able to do this within each tab). However, I think it is the best module of its type I have seen and has become part of my site and now feels necessary to it. Thank you!
byThomasRH, August 13, 2011
I am extremely happy with Tabber and Slider. Individually and together they help me organize my long articles into manageable units. Necessary for my website. Support is friendly and quick and accurate and helpful. Great! Great! Thanks.
byThomasRH, August 13, 2011
A rare extension! Not only does it work as described and flawlessly, but it looks good and is easy to use. More: I had a question or two and the response was friendly and quick. No messing around. Great! Thanks!
byThomasRH, July 28, 2011
Hit Sniffer Live Stats
I have found this to be an extremely! useful extension. I installed it and have not had to do anything else. I am not a computer person. I had a series of questions about what the data that came in meant for my web site. The support was courteous, prompt, friendly, and to the point. I was even given some suggestions about how to make my site more visible. -- Thank you.
byThomasRH, July 17, 2011
Nice Social Bookmark
Very easy to use and configure. Does the job perfectly. Question to developer was answered quickly and in a friendly manner (problem is with my template, not with the module. Thanks.
byThomasRH, April 15, 2011
Does exactly what I needed which is scrolling short ideas, one at a time, as many as I want. I couldn't find any other extension, paid or free that did this. Developer responded to all my questions (I am a beginner), patiently. Thanks.
byThomasRH, March 10, 2011
A lovely little extension! There was an issue as to how it could work for me, and support rewrote it with a new button for a new option. Thanks.
byThomasRH, March 4, 2011
Horizontal Smooth Scroll
Easy to install. A few problems for me (a beginner), and the author responded quickly and helpfully. Went beyond the call of duty. Works perfectly and is quite beautiful and helpful on my site. Thanks.
byThomasRH, February 26, 2011
JE Drop Line
I am having a good experience with this menu. There are css adjustments needed for someone like me that I can not do myself, and this team has been very responsive and helpful. I have another of their menus and find them superb. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
byThomasRH, February 25, 2011
JE Softcleave Menu
For me, the most beautiful menu I have seen. I am a total beginner and do not know CSS, so support has been very patient with me in getting it into the exact placement and form I want. Thank you.