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byThulemanden, February 26, 2011
BookLibrary Basic
Nice idea.

The next I propos is done on it is working on the display layout but first of all remove the requirement for ISBN, as old books miss this, books doesn't even need to have it, the number may be wrong and you might want to list articles, pamphlets etc
Owner's reply


Look like you not check as this Book library software work.
You not checked ordasoft site forum.
Because other you will know: you may fill to book ISBN any number!
Also ISBN - very important in ours component - because with it help many users more simply can add Books details with help Amazon!
Also this software for Book collections !!!
Yes, you can use it for some thing other like articles, pamphlets. But Main aim -this software BOOKs, and for all books NOW ISBN very important !

byThulemanden, February 22, 2011
Extremely useful for a freebie. One word of advise. If you are taken to the paid download, go back and scroll down. On the left you will find the free versions.

You may as I note the flags are hidden by the title bar. Maybe it's a template issue but it was the same on different templates.

By default 'major' languages are set to show flags only, but I suggest you change all to no flags AND remeber to set the default language.

This experience is based on Joomla legacy 1.0.15 version
byThulemanden, November 9, 2010
How can such a great piece of complicated functionality end in so few reviews over so long time with so many views?

I have gone through a great deal of booking software for Joomla that ends up being for full days minimum for rooms and huts, or require manual slot creation.

Well, 10 pieces of equipment reserved by the hour 365/24 is 87.600 slots. Clearly you need something like RBP.

Surely many organizations need to book meeting rooms, projectors, etc no matter for pay or not and they need go no further.
byThulemanden, August 27, 2009
Very nice it installed off the bat with no errors.

The interface is nice and simple.

One thing I wonder about though, is why it is not possible to delete the default post: Welcome to Kunena!

Well, eventually I deleted it and raised another Welcome & Presentation Thread.