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Tiago Sobrinho

byTiago Sobrinho, November 28, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
Congrats Peter. Amazing plugin! Bravo... highly recommended.
byTiago Sobrinho, November 28, 2013
I was frustrated with my other extension and tried quick2cart for new possibility.

After several minutes looking for the configurations i gave up. There is no predefine menus and settings for multi seller is disabled by default.

Be careful this extesnion is missing many feature for shopping cart. read the feature carefully and ask support for information.
Owner's reply

Hi @Tiago .. Quick2Cart was built to be simple & flexible.. Also detailed docs are available on our site to show you how you can switch on & switch off various things..

Since Q2C is pretty flexible & we have users using it in Single vendor mode as well, we have to have Multivendor off by default.

I suggest you check out the latest versions, we have since added tons of new features without compromising on the simplicity

byTiago Sobrinho, October 5, 2013
Ive spent countless hours looking for solution for my other popular editor... It strips iframes and i just cant make it work even i turn on the option... Installing ckeditor fixed everything out of the box. Even better it looks more professional be default using moono theme.
byTiago Sobrinho, October 5, 2013
Community Builder
I used CB 2 years ago and was enticed by the look of jomsoial so i moved 3 websites with 60000 plus members... After few months i realize my move was the worst thing... I spend too much and delayed all project waiting for the new version to fix my problem... Look what, im back with CB and this ttime i love it more... Its free and very active community... Hats off!