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Advanced Module Manager
This module manager saves a lot of issues in module management. Has a ton of options to control your module assignments. Support is top class and the developer does not discriminate between FREE users and PAID users. You will get your reply to any question within 24 hours.
Its so easy to exclude/ include modules based on a number of parameters such as url, menu item, user group etc.

Hats off to Peter for his efforts and contribution he is making to joomla !!!
Cache Cleaner
One of the best extensions I have used. Once again a great contribution by the developer. Its free with all necessary features and is a great tool to manage cache. The only drawback is that you dont have control over what part of cache gets cleaned. This simply cleans the ENTIRE cache of your site so your site has to work harder to rebuild all cache. !
This is an excellent plugin and is simple. Does what it promises. The developer is an asset to the joomla community. ! Great work !
Sexy Polling
The poll is good and somewhat attractive although its too flashy and colorful like a kids colorbox. It will fit the needs of most users. Nice work !

Looks like after some good reviews the author made a bigger backlink. The backlink is SO HUGE like an h1 html tag. Looks so ugly on the poll module.

The only reason for a 3 star is no way this should be called NON COMMERCIAL because the free version's huge backlink makes it unfit for 2 out of 5 users !!
Awo Email Login
Good job. Very nice idea. Makes it very easy for users if you site is new and users may not remember the username they choose on your site. Hope the developer makes more extensions and make it free if possible !
Love Factory
I waited almost 1 year before writing a review so that I can fully evaluate the product and the support/enhancements.

The product is good but has scope for lots of improvement. The product could have been better, its INFERIOR to many dating sites.

SUPPORT - There are two people who respond for support. The technical guy is very good at support. He responds well and is very polite and helpful.
Then for other support - like questions about upgrade process, custom work, request for features, suggestions or anything that you criticise (negative feedback for improvement) there is another person who responds to questions rudely and impolitely and I should say a bit unprofessionally. Sometimes he would just send a link (nothing else but link)to some of their article in response to a question. Before buying visit their forum to find out. Many of their past replies are now deleted so if I go back and check whet they said they will do will not be there (personal experience).

No feature of Automatic email alerts and match notifications - Almost ALL dating sites have email alerts that drive users back to the site - Love factory DOES NOT have this feature. The product has many good features but it has been almost the same since I bought an year ago. There has not been many improvements so if you use it then you will be lagging in competition with dating sites of 2012. The feature of a search module was a good addition after all of us asked for it for months it was added- Imagine a dating site without a search module !

There were many bugs and I myself reported atleast 7 bugs that they had to fix. The response to any bugs is quick by the support but anything other than that - you will get a rude response or a link to some article. They seem to NOT test their code and many many bugs gets identified by USERS who pay to get the product. You can visit their forum and see the number of issues that needs to be fixed each month.

The upgrade process for versions is PATHETIC. They change the database structure in many versions and you loose or get incorrect data after upgrading. You have to uninstall the component and reinstall completely. When you restore the backup, for some versions you loose database values and the table structure would have changed. For each version upgrade, I had 70% rework plus all changes to the CSS.

OVERALL - Nice product but lags behind the latest dating sites, a part of support is rude and unprofessional, Not 100% worth the price of USD 160,
Owner's reply

As you noticed we followed all your suggestions and we are glad to see you sent us a new 5-star review under the name "kalesht".

byTijj, April 24, 2012
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I started off thinking this is a FREE chat, NO Its NOT. Its should not be listed under Non Commercial section. They are just trying to promote the product but listing it as FREE and then proving very very limited number of users.
You get a 7 day Trial and after that you are allowed just 10 USERS ONLY CHAT LIMIT. You need to pay hundred to six hundred dollars per year for more.
10 user chat limit is useless for most users and is an eyewash.
The chat as such is good but they force you to accept while registering - "I will add a Blast chat link on my front page".

Summary - Chat is good but is too expensive. It would have been good if they increase concurrent chatters to 50 for free version then I would have given 5 stars. Limit of 10 users makes it useless for me so I have to give it ONE star.

NOTE: I have seen replies where they just deny it all. They might reply to this saying NO its totally FREE and all but check the product fully. I wasted my time installing this only to realize it not FREE.