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byTikkiRo, May 9, 2011
Having been hacked to the hilt whereby a hacker managed to delete my entire site somehow, I figured it was perhaps about time to start taking security a tad more seriously, so hunted for suitable Coms to help with the process. This & one other (RSFirewall) have proven to be the perfect combo. Like others I managed to lock myself out of the site first time around too, and wish I'd had the wit to return here to read how to overcome that easier than doing as I did and deleting the Com entirely off the database! But once I got the knack I've found it hugely useful - at least now I get forewarning of the multiple attacks to gain entrance via the Admin and the sneaky ways that are being used to try to do it. More importantly I can see whether they're succeeding before they get that far i.e. if they get as far as the login page to start with - so far, none have!!

However, I do have a couple of minor issues - while there is now the ability to black/whitelist IP addies, there's no easy way to see which are which once you put them in - all that happens is you get a list and as such I've not put my own IP in just in case it gets black instead of whitelisted without me realising. Would be much better if each list was fully shown as what it is.

And that's the only reason I've not given it a 5 star rating as otherwise it really is great but maybe some more work on it would have it truly superb!
byTikkiRo, November 10, 2010
Cover Flow FX
I have a handmade card website so was seeking a mod that would highlight gallery cards to promote sales/interest and this little mod has done a wonderful job in that respect. I had a lot of issues initially trying to set it up as I was doing so on a test site in a subfolder, & it's primarily aimed at root folder installation, but the guys over at FlashXML are AWESOME!! They will patiently work through any and all issues you might have with any of their multiple similar mods of this type, and can be trusted with your site details if you need them to go in and do the work for you. I truly can't rate them highly enough for providing so much for nothing and on-the-spot help and support. EXCELLENT!
byTikkiRo, July 15, 2009
Takes a lot to impress me to the point of paying towards a (free) mod, but this one was worth every penny of the donation I provided. It was so easy to install, and easy to understand the instructions on what to do, as well as configuration. The real-time stats are a blast, and while I've only just started with it, I really look forward to seeing its full potential. Haven't found a downside yet, but don't expect to, given the wealth of other excellent reviews on here. Trust them if you want a solid stats mod - they're right in what they say - it's one of, if not, THE best around!!
byTikkiRo, December 19, 2008
I was a newbie not only with Joomla but any sort of ecommerce when I discovered VM, and yes, I did have quite a few problems in setting it up esp where shipping costs were involved, but doing multiple searches on their forum and seeing how others had tried to fix similar issues, along with a lot of trial and error, I eventually overcame them - admittedly probably not correctly (e.g. I've had to stick in a ridiculous weight of 1 kg for a handmade card in order to provoke the correct shipping options) but they work and the system works and I've certainly had no problems with it.

I like the frontend which is fine for a small site like mine and in particular loved how easy it was to get it set up with payment options.

I have another site on another platform which doesn't support VM and am having to try to use the much heavier OsCommerce which I can tell you is a TON tougher to set up and work with. And there's almost as little support for it sometimes too, and I agree - nothing more frustrating than not getting an answer at all to a problem, let alone it taking days to do so.

But overall, I would have to agree with others here who've commended the module as I truly feel it's worth the hard work and effort to get it up and running. And given how I've got next to no PHP knowledge or understanding I wouldn't agree that you need to have much - a very basic appreciation of where your modules are stored and how to tweak some basic code lines is about all you might need, if even.
JCal Pro
Like so many such calendars, you can never please all of the people all of the time, and I'm very aware of that in writing this review. I downloaded it primarily for use on a church website where it would hopefully show weekly services and club meetings etc. Initially I thought it was going to suffice for all our needs, but the more I play with it the more I realise it isn't as yet. Our weekly services obviously change in content but there are some elements that would be standard each week. On our old site using an Access driven calendar I could copy the standard info across as many weeks as I desired (albeit manually which was slow work), but then all I had to do each week would be to update it with the specific info for that week. With JCal I can't utilise the repeat event because it repeats the entire information for any one week across all of them, so the only option is to then do every week separately which is ok but would have been nice to have more options on the repeat event. I would just have preferred for more than 1 weeks worth of services to show on the main calendar otherwise it wouldn't be an issue. Plus (unless I'm mistaken) I can't find any way of making a particular view e.g. Monthly, as mandatory - while again it's great for the user to have the various options offered to them, some people wouldn't see that menu and thus think what they were seeing (the weekly?) was the only view available and maybe miss meetings as a result. Again, our older calendar always and only showed a monthly view which was really helpful. Small points and very specific to our own requirements, but would be nice if yet more flexibility could perhaps be built in on future updates? Overall tho - definitely one of the best around.