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Tim N.

byTim N., September 30, 2013
Helpdesk Pro
After having such an amazing experience with Eshop from joomdonation I decided to use the Helpdesk Pro extension they offer as well to manage our support and integrate with Joomla without using a bridge.

We needed a helpdesk solution that was professional looking robust and that was completely contained within the site to keep the theme and professional feel. Helpdesk Pro fit that model perfectly.

At first there was a conflict between Eshop and Helpdesk Pro but within 2 hours the guys at joomdonation had me up and running. This level of support continues to amaze me.

My website is somewhat unique, I run a custom computer OEM company so the changes that they make for me are not something that a typical client with a simple shop would probably use. Even so they have been prompt, polite, and professional. My issues have been resolved quickly and some of my suggestions have spurred development to the product.

In all I have to say I'm impressed once again with the plugin, the support, and the overall experience. Highly recommended!
byTim N., September 25, 2013
I am extremely fortunate to have found Eshop and it has completely changed my expectations for a Joomla based shopping cart.

Previously I tried Virtuemart and Magento for my needs but I found both lacking for what I intended to accomplish. I needed something that seamlessly interacts with Joomla while providing a profession look and feel. Eshop fits all requirements of my demanding business.

The shop has as many options as Magento but is set up in a much more user friendly way allowing for the customization of the store without spending weeks learning the syntax.

Additionally the support has been the best I have ever received from any extension. Giang from JoomDonation has been able to answer every question that I've had nearly immediately and he even spent the time to customize the front end of my shop. This type of support is unheard of today and his work has been excellent.

The application stands on it's own as being the best professional level e-commerce shop but the support level takes it to the extreme. I highly recommend this application to anyone that needs to use Joomla and e-commerce. I'm a customer for life now.