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byTim_Olaguna, October 20, 2007
JCK Editor
This editor is not recommended for sites where folks who are used to writing material using Microsoft Word or any other popular word processor will be contributing articles. The range of fonts and font sizes available to a writer is far too limiting and small. joomlafck2 is a bit better and JCE is best of all for sights aimed at serious writers.
byTim_Olaguna, February 1, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
I'm wondering if all of the folks who claim success with this were only moving or copying from one Linux-based install to another or from a PC to a Linux install. I can't get it to enable me to clone my Linux-based install to my home Windows XP PC. I've successfully done that with other more complicated approaches, but can't do it at all with this component.

The component installs just fine on my Joomla Linux site. And it makes a complete backup which downloads and appears to unpack just fine on the PC. But I can never get past Step 1 of the installation on the PC. After confirming the database name, localhost designation, log-in name, password, etc., pressing the "Next" button causes the install to just hang. I've tried a complete new install twice. Same reaction both times. And each time I let the attempted install run for at least an hour before giving up. The thing just sits there and spins and spins. The tables appear to be loaded into the database (I used phpMyAdmin to confirm this after each attempt), but the installation never proceeds or ends successfully.

Too bad. I've spent about 5 hours tonight struggling with this thing. My wife is giving me nasty looks because I've been working on this instead of watching TV with her. I guess I'll have to give up for the night and try another utility tomorrow. Sad to have to toss this one out.
byTim_Olaguna, March 12, 2006
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This editor has great promise, but I cannot recommend it for my users and have removed its accessibility for them on my development site. As of this writing JCE (bot and component versions 1.0.3) has too many bugs. Things do not work as it is claimed they should work. Performance is inconsistent on different platforms. And now it appears the authors or promoters are no longer responding to problems reported by users. (Please go there and read them.)

The designation of this application as an "editor's pick" and "hot" so early in the game makes me question the credibility of those designations. I really think a major component (or module or bot) like an editor needs to be out for several months and proven its worthiness before it is given those designations. One has to suspect that the author's friends are writing the positive reviews without spending a lot of time with the product.