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byTimberwolfe, April 5, 2011
Well this is my first time purchasing a joomla extension. There was a slight technical issue with buying my subscription but it was easily corrected by submitting a support ticket about it. With my first use of the setting up the forms. Very easy, can't stress that enough! Plus the sample forms that you have the option of installing. They help a lot with learning how some of the functions are used. The video tutorials they provide are MOST helpful. I found everything explained very clearly and easy to understand. This form has a lot of potential for any user who is looking for a robust extension! Even a new comer to joomla would be able to use this!

None so far!
byTimberwolfe, April 5, 2011
After looking around for a shopping cart that would suite my needs for a "starter" shopping cart. This one is most defiantly the best one around. It's easy to install and use. Once you play around with it and read over the documentation ( most important ) the overall system has a lot of potential. If there is something that you can't find in the documentation. Simply sign up to their forum and one of their moderators will gladly assist you. They've been really helpful for all the questions I've asked. Also friendly too! Take the time to try this extension! You will love it!

Only con I can think of is that it would be nice to see some video tutorials. Basic functions of getting a shop setup. For those who are more visual learners.

-Evan H.