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byTirrawarra, August 20, 2013
eShop is the best.

eShop is fantastic, logical and easy to use. There is no bloat-ware so its easy to teach others and a joy to use. But the best thing is the support. The support is excellent and fast - and often in real time. Nothing is too much trouble - they listen to your needs and ideas with the view to improving the component.

Ive been building eCommerce sites professionally for nearly 10 years and was very happy with VirtueMart until VM2. My clients and I were often forced by webhosts to upgrade to Joomla 2.5 which basically forced us to also upgrade to Virtuemart to VM2.

This was where it came unstuck - it was a nightmare. It was a complete rewrite that didn't make sense anymore to my clients or me. My peers and techs were experiencing same - and pulling their hair out with frustration. I couldn't explain it to my clients and none of them liked it or were happy to use Virtuemart any more.

I ended up refunding and paying clients out and my business was about to die - until I found eShop. Now my clients and I are happy again. With some big sites I even paid eShop to do the conversion and upgrades for me - at lightening speed.

eShop is 10 out of 5! - and their support is personalised and fantastic.
byTirrawarra, February 1, 2013
Virtuemart WAS a great eCommerce component - unfortunately this new version is so different to the older version it is unrecognisable.

The support forum is a mess. Beware that selecting your version before starting does not mean that the answers are applicable.

Many of the common bugs remain unanswered months later - including "Guest checkout" which has me stumped. Unfortunately the articles that rank so highly in Google do not provide solutions - after months of looking.
How to change the 'required' form fields is another problem unanswered.

Documentation is non existent - more than a year since release.

Version 1.1 was great and version 2 is very disappointing.

I realise this is a non-commercial release and I appreciate the work done - but this has turned from an excellent first choice tool that I had confidence to support to a product that feels like it was designed by a government committee - and is is now somewhere between a nightmare and useless. (unfortunately)

Version 1.1 had minor issues - ALL I knew how to work around or solve. I would have preferred to see a professional version released (that I even paid for) than this.

such a shame

Owner's reply

We are sincerely saddened by your lack of confidence on VM2. The volume of features, increased security and general code that has gone into VM2 is staggering, if you read what some others say about VM2 they differ greatly from your unfortunate experience, whilst we believe VM2 is better than many paid solutions, you must consider this is a free product that grows from great feedback like yours, thank you!

byTirrawarra, October 19, 2012
File download tracker
Simple but great. Worked out the box for me and my enquiries for additional form fields to support were answered in real time. Thats the sort of product and support I like. GREAT work keep it up.
byTirrawarra, August 10, 2012
KO Custom Gift Card
this is a unique product (one that took a long time to find). I had a unusual need that wasn't 'out the box' and the support to make it work was/is exceptional and not far off realtime.
byTirrawarra, March 12, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
This component is excellent and well worth the few dollars spent. Should be part of the core. More importantly the support is fantastic. Its a pleasure to use a component when you know that there's someone there to back you up. Highly Recommended.
byTirrawarra, December 2, 2011
VM Registration Redirect
Thank you. Such a simple idea yet implemented seamlessly. Thanks for your effort it works wonders - and should be part of teh VM install.