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byTodd, March 9, 2011
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SJ K2 Slideshow II
I purchased the YT slideshow for K2 despite it having very few reviews. Overall I am very pleased with the products and the support I have received. I initially had an integration conflict with my Superfish menus. This was solved by the developer updating the module. After that it has worked flawlessly.

I really appreciate all of the various parameters of this module. They made it very easy to integrate into my site without having to alter the style sheet or do any coding at all. This developer has a pretty big selection of extensions on his site. Now that this one is working I am looking at a few more.

Please bear in mind, I am an average user of Joomla and K2. I have no specialized knowledge other than that which I gain from using the program over time and looking for things in documentation and forums.