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byToggebizhub, October 30, 2010
Dropbox Component
This Is one of the great new and really convenient components out there for Joomla.

It´s ahead of the game regarding cloud storage and integration in to a CMS-systems whit out having to pay a fortune for it.

Artur Neumann the man behind the component is the first one to back you up if you are having problems getting it to operate the way you want. He assisted me the same day as i installed it even though i was pretty sure it would not work on a server whit safe mode on and a server that already had stopped me from using DOCman. I first tested it on a shared server from the hosting provider were it did not work and then on a server from were it worked perfect.

Neumann gave me a quick and precise answer to what was wrong whit the settings and limitations in the PHP-installation on the server.

The integration whit Dropbox is slick and you can upload and download big files without messing up your memory quote if you are on a hosted webserver. This is god news for you folks who want to use your webpage for uploading and downloading big files and pictures to costumers and friends.

Cloud storage and integration in to already existing structures is one of the big things right now for many companies and this component can help you miles ahead.

I have been on the hunt for this kind of solutions for a while now looking every ware on for it. There has always been an issue whit the solutions. If it´s not the storage provider it is the lack of a working API´s ore uploading limitations on the server. This component solves all of this in a moment.