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Tom Blues

byTom Blues, June 23, 2012
RealEstateManager Basic
I installed the extension and yes, I had to add some debug lines to find out why it did not work with my Brazilian Portugues configuration after installing the language files from the website.

Well, the problem was found within the name of the language file. I changed brazilian.php into Brazilian.php and a second later the extension worked perfectly also in portugues.

I will make it short, with the English and German language configuration it worked perfectly. And the result is unbelievable. The usage is very easy.

I only advice to use a template with white background. My first template had a dark gray background which fit terribly to the RealEstateManager (without doing changes on it).


If you look for a easy to use Real Estate component, give it a try. I may have had some problems, but I solved them without giving at least a try to the support team. In the past I used a different extension which was not for free, which still don't work with Joomla 2.5 yet and which was much more complicated to customize.