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byTomP, July 7, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
I needed to change the position to which the plug-in had defaulted to displaying the e-privacy messages to the end user. (Joomla v1.5)

Emailed Mike for assistance, which he kindly replied within a few hours. Great support for a great extension!!
FYI - That is part of the template index.php file. it is the system message area.

Look for
Owner's reply

The code that doesn't appear in this review is for a jdoc:include statement. Since code isn't exactly allowed in reviews, I'll type it here as best I can without using the punctuation that makes it complete.

jdoc:include type=message

Add some quotes around message, and prefix it with a less than sign, follow it with a slash and a greater than sign - and you'll have the complete code. It should be located above/before the type=component statement.