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byTomasTenerife, December 21, 2011
VTEM Banners Pro
First, this module is always part of any website for me. While almost every proper slideshow module annoyingly ONLY links to an article, this one lets you choose either an image folder or Joomla banner category as choice of source.

This means that you can se it to almost anything from photo slideshow to menu to advertising banner to article link. Excellent! And when you use the banner option, all clicks are of course counted as well.

Secondly, we got to drum together to keep this guy alive for two reasons - he creates one great extension after the other and he only charges a small fee for access to ALL extensions - not top dollar for individual downloads.

I have tried all his modules and use 7-8 of them regularly, although this one is the top one for me. Be aware that some extensions have small Jquery issues but nothing which cant be solved.

The support is very good, combining professional with personal in a very nice way, and the developer has a good eye for design as he creates good extensions which are great to the eye , flexible and not at leasy useful.
byTomasTenerife, December 17, 2011
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Universal AJAX Live Search
I disagree to Joomla having a rating system for extensions, as the developers themselves can rise their popularity and also because users tend to hail anyone with 5 stars regardless of whether there are flaws or not. I have given 2 stars because I think it is deserved in this case AND so that people stop and read my review, which is intented to be informative.

I have already posted a similar review on the accordion module, and do not want to be an "Offlajn-basher" because I think their modules are among the very best around and I rate them as possibly the best extension developers we got.

HOWEVER, when you charge money for a module - not beer money, but what in Joomlaterms i regard a MASSIVE 20-30$ for each little thingy - the rules of engagement change and by developing as a BUSINESS you put yourself up for critics by choice. Developing with Joomla is far from free, and if you want top websites you have to buy most extensions which will see the 5-10-30-90$ you pay for each little thing accummulate to a hefty total - which is fine, but which also makes you expect a complete product in return.

In this case we undoubtedly dont get that. I will present this by problem, solution and conclusion.

PROBLEM: I wanted to use the Ajax Search module inside a custom html module, which is equal to using it inside an article. I spent lots of time combing the Offlajn website for it, googling it etc and to no avail.

Offlajn arrogantly offer no documentation at all, neither from the Joomla extension directory OR their own web, they dont even have a forum, troubleshooting section or help guide.

SOLUTION: I downloaded and adapted the "load module positions" plugin by Carsten Engel, which allowed me to place Offlajns search module where I wanted. This should obviously not be necessary.

CONCLUSION: Last week I wasted over 4 hours searching for how to modify the selfwriting css file in their accordion module and history has repeated itself by having to yet again investigate stuff related to the search module, when it obviously shouldnt be necessary.

To think that your backend area covers ALL thinkable css needs and think that your great support service makes standard documentation obsolete is arrogant AND unintelligent - especially when you charge people heavily for your extensions.

In this case I needed to make a decision on the fly, I couldnt wait even an hour so when the ONLY solution presented by Offlajn was submitting a support ticket which triggers a message saying "you will be responded within 1 working day", I find it to be hands down outrageous.

In this example I only needed to know how to insert their search box into an article, and I find it to be appalling that this and others small standard questions are not answered on their website. Their lack of documentation has again cost me more money, and on top of it I have had to include another plugin.

The module is excellent but the total package is very poor. I would like the developer to respond here for everyone to see - WHY have they deliberately chosen to provide absolutely no documentation whatsoever, even to paying clients?
byTomasTenerife, May 31, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Anyone creating a Joomla website without installing this extension are crazy and should be banned from the internet altogether.

Im not biased or anything but this one has helped me so much and is always the first priority when i set up a new website. Couldnt work without it now that im used to it, should be part of Joomla core.