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byTomsite, June 19, 2013
OK, first i had a few issues with a template i used. Nothing worked really, the lightbox just didn't show, the cart didn't add the items etc. But it was quickly clear that the template was causing the issues. So i changed it and voila, everything works just charming.

But (of course there is a but) the shop/cart solution is basic, to say the least. I have to agree there with some of the other reviews. You can set one price and that is it. It is always for the original picture. No chance to select different sizes. So Mr. Datso, it would be just marvellous to have the option to set different prices for a) commercial and non-commercial use and b) have the option to select different sizes and calculate different prices for these picture. Some field for displaying license information according to the selected type and size of the image would be great too.

The gallery being slow, hmmm i display 36 images per page and it loads quickly enough. Sorry, but if one can't wait a few seconds before a page loads then this is not a problem with the loading speed but rather with impatience. I can't really verify this issue on my site (having already imported about two thousand images, all with 12MP Resolution original size). Even the import of about 700 images in one go into one category does work smoothly enough. Surely it takes some time, but with that amount it is expected.

The hard coded sizes i don't see as a problem at all, they are the most common used resolutions. Why would i want to differ from them?

Out of the box, yes certainly. No complaint there. It is not the components fault that some templates are just lousy coded. I use now a T3-Framework template, grid based and it works. Now i only need to recreate the other template i had as it really has a very nice design. Other solutions like Phoca etc. are not so easy, especially if you want to sell a few images. I seriously didn't want to install a subscription package and then try to integrate one gallery with something like Docman. It would have been a nightmare.

And a workaround to the resolutions and different pricing issue. If one doesn't have too many picture that are worth selling one can create different categories. Change the resolution locally on a PC and upload these images then into the different categories and assign for each a different price. Not the nicest way, but it's doable.

If you don't expect a full blown stock photo solution that will handle millions of pictures and gives you all the pricing, download and licensing options one can certainly be happy with Datso Gallery. If the pricing for different usage types and resolutions is added it would be, at least in my opinion, a very good extension for photo enthusiasts that want to make a few quid with some of the pictures they have.