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byTomtomjoomla, July 2, 2014
Smart Slider 2
Great extension and excellent support. Had some problems at the beginning but the developer was kind enough to fix the minor code bugs and walk me thru the setup.

byTomtomjoomla, March 2, 2014
Admin Tools Professional
I have mixed feeling about this extension but I guess the good outweighs the bad. I have been using the paid version for some time now and it is very effective in preventing unwanted activity on your site. Where I am not happy with it is the fact that once it is messes up with your site when it comes to updating or moving your site to another server.
Owner's reply

Admin Tools never interferes in any way when you are updating your site. Don't forget that Joomla! Update, the component tasked with updating your site included in Joomla! 2.5 onwards, is actually the Joomla! updater Admin Tools used to have, something which we contributed to the Joomla! project. If you have troubles using Joomla! Update make sure that you have not manually removed the .htaccess Maker exception for the administrator/components/com_joomlaupdate/restore.php file we have put there by default. If you did, what you're experiencing is a self-inflicted problem.

As for moving your site to a different host, yes, there will be problems under two circumstances:

1. You are using the .htaccess Maker to generate a .htaccess file. Due to the way Apache (your webserver) works we have to use the hostname of your site. This is documented as the first thing to check in

2. If you are using the administrator password protection. Again, due to the different ways Apache works across different platforms / servers the generated .htpasswd file may not be readable in the new server. This is documented in

Both of these issues come from the way your web server (Apache) works. A solution is not up to us. All we can do is document the potential pitfall, which we have already done.

We'd appreciate it if you did ask for our support before filing a review. We could have explained as much and told you exactly what you need to do (or point you to the documentation pages with more thorough instructions).

byTomtomjoomla, March 2, 2014
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
I purchased this module and it has a small learning curve, but overall it's very useful and fuctions very well.
byTomtomjoomla, March 2, 2014
Very good shopping cart solution. Have been usig the paid version for about 2 years now and i am very please with it.
byTomtomjoomla, March 2, 2014
This is a great comment component with so many different choices to customize. Highly recommeneded.
byTomtomjoomla, October 28, 2011
Have been using this extension for years but never gave it a review. Recently paid for the subscription again and I just love this extension. Works so good!
byTomtomjoomla, October 10, 2011
Account Expiration Control
This extension is not for novices, but having said that it is worth every penny. The amount of configuration options is unreal and almost every possible scenario that a membership site may encounter was thought of and address by the developers. I used it in the past when it was free and it had a few bugs, but now the paid version is worth every dollar and more.
Thank you for the excellent extension AEC.
byTomtomjoomla, May 22, 2011
Marco's noFollow
I have been using this plug in on several of my sites and it work exactly as described. I have it set up to "set nofollow if rel not specified" and it works like a charm.

thanks again Marco
byTomtomjoomla, May 22, 2011
Marco's SQL Injection
This plug-in is simple and it does what it claims. On one of my site people kept trying to exploit a vulnerability on Rokdownload ... I found out about it because of this extension.

thank you Marco
byTomtomjoomla, February 27, 2010
Virtual Domains
This is a good idea and but the component does not work, or if you get to install it it has too many bugs. I will suggest the developer invest more time developing this extension before its put out there as if it was working 100%... even if it has to go commercial due to the time investment... if it works and people need it ... people will buy it.
byTomtomjoomla, February 20, 2010
Modal Popups
this plug in has been under the radar of joomla users ... but is just a great tool. Works beautiful and it does just what it says.
byTomtomjoomla, February 20, 2010
As always great work from the people at Joomla works. Everything I expected and more in a Blog/catalog CCK......
byTomtomjoomla, February 20, 2010
Modules Anywhere
Super plug in .. very useful and it works great
byTomtomjoomla, August 26, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
Like always ... Joomla Works does beautiful work....Love this extension and its just Powerfull and at the same time just simple to use and install
byTomtomjoomla, June 22, 2009
Had to play with the css a bit to make it look right but all in all a wonderful extension with LOTS of functionality.
byTomtomjoomla, June 22, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Great extension.... every webmaster using Joomla NEEDS this extension.