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TonyF BW

byTonyF BW, January 31, 2012
I asked Wojciech to point me at the right .ccs files to customise the appearance of the button. So what did he do? He did it himself, registered with Joomla Forum specially, and posted an answer that, after a small tweak by me, works like a dream. Within 24 hours, I should add.

If you have a decent code editor like the Notepad++ I use, you can now copy code out of this short Joomla Forum thread to get a button that clones the Readmore button.
And the code works independently of color and background. So if Joomla 2.XX ever changes the look of the Readmore, your back button will change too. Even better, you yourself can change the color and background to whatever you like.
And all because we have here one developer with a truly generous spirit.
6 Stars!
Accordion FAQ
I would rather give this extension 4.5 than 4. but let me explain why it's not a 5.
I tried 5 different FAQ extensions for my Joomla 1.7 site. This struck me immediately as being the best of the bunch. Why?
- There actually IS usable step-by-step documentation, can't say that for two of the competitors. The docs are produced using the FAQ software itself.
- The free version WILL help the more demanding user, it's not just bait for upgrading to a "Pro" commercial variant.
- The concept is simple, you create your content in a Joomla Article provided you can switch your editor to HTML mode for adding simple code.
- There is a variety of "looks and feels" and you can browse them easily in the documentation

Let me explain why it's not a 5-star rating. I'm a less experienced Joomler, and despite following the instructions religiously, I made 2 errors which cost me time and frustration and led me to seek help from the Forum. This is patrolled by the AccFAQ author, Ken Lowther, and he was superb. He had me sorted out after just a 2+2 post conversation. Absolutely beyond fault.

I've since discovered that CCS3 commands work fine in the templates, so I can pretty up the boxes to look like my site's Contact Form.
In short, I'm going to continue using AccordionFAQ on my site. And as they say, actions speak louder than words.