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byTonyGR, February 26, 2013
That extension is what you need to fill your VM store with products! it's not hard to understand how it works (just read the manual) and if you need anything they have a forum that aswers to EVERYTHING! I just love this extension and is a part of my store-maintenance tools! It's a pity not to mention that this roland guy is awsome when it comes to support!
byTonyGR, February 29, 2012
Does just what is say! Easy install and config. Turn to social with a couple of clicks!
byTonyGR, February 16, 2012
Phoca Maps
I wanted to add a map in my sites with markers. This component just does what I needed. I just created this account to say, WELL DONE!
ps i've used other phoca products and are awsome too!
byTonyGR, February 16, 2012
Flexi Custom Code
I've used this extention in a couple of sites and it works Just perfectly! Just install-copy your code-paste it in module and DONE!!