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What can I say about, to really contribute to make this extension the big one that really is?
I use it since it's beginning, silently following it's development, using it with success and satisfation; but wrongly not giving my direct contribution
Now it's time to do it :)
You are problably asking for "Why now?".
The reason is simple but not surprising for who is following this extension from the beginning.
This time I had a further occasion to get invaluable help coming form the development team, related to specific small & hidden bug causing my website loosing Google ranking. Within a couple of days they have identified and solved it, making me happy :)
I never found a better extensions around the JED, and this time I must admit then I also _NEVER_ found a better & so responsive team: this could be "normal" for a pay-for component, but you should keep in mind that they are still working FOR FREE giving us a great component. What more should you expect?
I would give them more than 5 stars, but all I can do right now is to tell you "enjoy that team, is unique rather than rare"