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byTraceyB, April 16, 2012
Event Booking
Hi - I purchased this extension to enable me to create our website to accept over 90 different events/classes & make payment. I'm only an average Joomla user, not an expert by any means. It did not take long at all to find my way around this extension & by reading all the forums that Tuan closely monitors I could learn more answers to my questions, plus even more that I didn't even know to ask! The couple of issues that I had were very quickly answered. Some things I would have like may be introduced into later updates. Some can't be but that is OK.
One area that I ended up with an issue with was the plugin for NAB Transact that I has also purchased. The details of this plugin did not explain that it was for Direct payment only. I needed a Hosted Payment Page plugin for NAB Transact we discovered whilst on skype with Tuan. Only 6 days, with a good price and Tuan had totally written a new plugin to allow me use NAB Transact Hosted Payment page & it has been implemented today. We have had 636 registrations in the first 9 hours of being live & this extension (or our website) did not crash & burn and has coped more than admirably! I LOVE this extension. It will make our lives so much easier for this type of major event.
I will be using Tuan for specialised projects in the future for sure.