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byTraek, March 18, 2009
Beautiful interface that is clean and easy to customize. The only beef I have is that the default message is configured in the language file. I understand that is for multi-lingual sites and makes sense to be there, there should just be a drop-down or something to make it easier for those without shell/rdp access to their Joomla server.

I love the web 2.0 interface and my only complaint was that it was not JomSocial compatible... until I just noticed it was updated yesterday. I'm downloading the latest version! w00t!
byTraek, February 22, 2009
Great to have some of the Fireboard team back on track and unincumbered by poor management, unnecessary secrecy and inflated egos! The upgrade from 1.5RC2 was beautifully simple -- much easier than past internal Fireboard upgrades -- and does exactly what they say it does (and quickly!).

Big fan of 1.8 and very much looking forward to their native 1.5.x/1.6(?) version.

I had tried Agora once I found out about the Fireboard project falling to pieces and am so glad to be coming back to this much cleaner forum system.

I have to agree wholeheartedly with cowboysdude's review, especially about the use of Kunena with CB 1.2 and uddeIM being the perfect combination and it certainly has become the de facto Joomla standard.