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byTriblade, August 7, 2012
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Google +1 Button
There are not a lot of plugin's for Google +1. Let alone what I want from it. This is the one for me.

1; it works
2; I can disable the counter
3; size is adjustable (most plugins can do this)
4; the download site works :)
5; nice looking Google +1 icon chosen

What would make it better is a choice of icons.
byTriblade, November 11, 2011
Wow. This is the best!

It's exactly what I need. Just the one plugin to enable Google Analytics.

byTriblade, June 4, 2010
Nice work!
Gives exacly what we want: statistics!

Allmost very easy to install. (was a bit confusing with two times a database setup. I thought I did something wrong. Whatever menu item I select, it went straight to the setup, which is good. But the menu didn't show this)

And there is a tiny spelling error in tools -> Extensions -> Export: "selcected"
I would personally change "Systems" into "Operating systems".

What could this extension do more to beat itself? Nothing except a mailing function. Every xx days it could send a report with the statistics. This would enhance functionality greatly!
Owner's reply

Hello Triblade,

it is unfortunately for us not possible to get rid of the menu completely. The menu is generated by the Joomla standard and we can't switch if off without also hiding permanently the submenus below the top menu "Components->j4age".

The post-installation is a necessary step as we j4age supports and upgrade & update process unlike most of all other components. We have a huge DB with up to several hundreds of MB, which can't be handled within the regular Joomla installation.

We also would love to rephrase from "Systems" to "Operating Systems", but we are also trying to use the screen space as efficient as possible.

We have limited resources to implement all requested functionalities such as email notifications, but we are hoping some of the users are investing some time to provide us such a solution by taking advantage of the extension mechanism.

byTriblade, May 31, 2010
Their website states: "The download link will appear here then. To deactivate the ads in your version - use the donate buttons below (if available)."

So, if you don't pay there are ads... Thats COMMERCIAL!!
Owner's reply

you are right, I've changed it to Commercial and added this section to description to make it more clear for users:

> 2 flavors available: or 9 EUR / 15 EUR (+ prioritized when answering support questions, link on donation page) (optional)

byTriblade, April 1, 2010
Insert Article by ID
Does exacly what I want!
Nice and simple.

Just upload & install and place text a.k.a. article (by ID) in the space of a module, just as the the title suggests.
byTriblade, April 1, 2010
Simple Image Holder
Does exacly what I want (and missed in Joomla ;) )
When I click a article, I wanted a picture on the side of my page. Now I can!