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byTroubadour, October 4, 2012
Filter and Search for K2
Does what it says on the box and is exceptionally useful on sites that make use of K2 Extra Fields.

Even better, the developer is extremely responsive and helpful via support - even when it's your own mistake that's caused the problem.
byTroubadour, August 21, 2012
Universal AJAX Live Search
This module is fantastic. Looks great, very fast (particularly if you use the indexed search in Joomla) and works with a number of plugins, including my favourite CCK, K2.

I've had two minor issues - but not with the module. The K2 search plugin didn't return image data properly, so the Offlajn guys went ahead and modified the K2 Search plugin to properly show images. Similarly, the K2 Search plugin had an issue with exact phrase searches. Offlajn was extremely responsive and helped resolve the issue within 24 hours of my raising it.

They worked with me quickly, courteously and to the utmost of their ability.

They've been outstanding with their support and the module itself is great.

Thanks guys!
It does some parts quite well - i.e. it allows users to submit testimonials and it's easy to moderate them.

However when I try to edit a testimonial the save button generates a 404 error for the component.
Owner's reply

Thanks for liking the product and pointing out the issue. Recent name change from "Testimonials" to "EzTestimonial" have caused the error. New 1.1 version resolves the problem.

byTroubadour, February 23, 2012
JT Skitter Slideshow Images
Really nice slideshow, easy to setup, easy to use.

Able to make significant changes to the look & feel via css without overrides....

But that's why it's only a four-star review - I feel template overrides are necessary for something that's as vital to the look and feel of a site.
byTroubadour, October 5, 2011
Easy Inventory Control
To be fair, this extension does add in vital functionality to Virtuemart. It's also important to note that this isn't a traditional component or plugin - Virtuemart doesn't make it easy to modify its core and so to function, this component requires manual overwriting of core VM files by the user. Without these modifications, the component doesn't function.

The readme provided is barely sufficient. It's fine if you're doing a straight install, but when the time comes to upgrade the documentation is non-existent.

Support was once excellent, but now appears to be extremely patchy.

Non technical users will have difficulty with the installation. I've got many years of Joomla work under my belt, but the latest updates to VM & Inventory Control render my client sites unusable and I've been unable to rectify the issue. So moderately skilled people may also have difficulty.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. Documentation has been updated to help novice users. The consistent feedback about this component states that when it is installed properly, it solves alot of headaches and problems as far as inventory is concerned.

byTroubadour, August 2, 2011
This is the only competent slider component out there.

What do I mean by this? It's the only one with a decent component/module setup that allows my clients to easily and simply manage their slides.

It's easy to setup, works out of the box and supports template overrides.

Plus, it uses Joomla's MooTools framework, so no additional libraries are added to your site's overhead.
byTroubadour, August 21, 2010
MailChimp integration for Joomla!
I've previously reviewed the Campaign Monitor version of Joomailer which continues to be fantastic. However I'd had a client who was already on Mailchimp so when I heard the freakedout guys were doing a new integration, I was over the moon.

I got to see some of the early testing of this component as the guys knew I was already a heavy user - full disclosure, I wound up doing the interface style. The functionality is pure freakedout.

This integration is everything you could want out of a newsletter management tool for Joomla. Full integration through Mailchimp's extensive API (which is more feature-packed than CM) plus integration with both the Joomla article system and K2 - I'm in heaven.

Those that know me realise I'm a big K2 fan, so the ability to repurpose existing articles for a newsletter by simply including them is just fantastic. Even better, you can choose to include only the intro-text and automatically include the 'readmore' link to the full article on the site. It's fantastic.

The reporting is also excellent, which is one of the most important aspects of email marketing for me.

Love it!
byTroubadour, July 15, 2010
Great plugin, works as advertised.

There's a minor issue for me where I can't find a compatible mootools version that doesn't pooch the administrator area.

Editors don't load and any javascript enabled items fail entirely - including menus. I currently need to have it off while I'm editing in the backend.
byTroubadour, June 28, 2010
JCK Editor
I've been a long-time user of JCE, but have always been on the lookout for a faster plugin.

JoomlaCK fits the bill for the most part. It's particularly fast in switching to source-view, a critical factor for me. It's extremely fully-featured and contains pretty much every necessary to produce rich content (including form building!).

However the crucial element it's missing is the ability to change the background colour of the editor. Without this, it's impossible to get a sense of how an article will actually look. The documentation says it's possible, but the parameters are missing.
byTroubadour, June 7, 2010
Content Uploader Pro
Looking down the barrel of a massive amount of data-entry for a client's site, we were delighted to find Content Uploader Pro.

Fortunately the client had already given us the content in a spreadsheet, so it was a no-brainer to give CUP a try. Once we'd correctly setup the sections and categories the import was a piece of cake - literally saved us days of work.

When we ran into a minor problem (our ignorance, not the component's fault) we turned to the developers and got fast and responsive help.

Even better, it made handover of the site a breeze. Producing spreadsheets is part of the client's workflow already - all they have to do to maintain their site is keep uploading.
byTroubadour, November 4, 2006
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I had a lot of problems with other provider's plugins (, I'm lookin' at you) but AllVideos is fantastic.

Installed without a hitch and it plays well.

The admin section is particularly good for this type of plugin.

One thing that's great is that you can set the default size in the admin component.

Having said that...

Like other users I'd like to be able to set the aspect ratio & size of videos on a case by case basis - for those vids which will not conform to the usual standard.