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byTrueOz, February 6, 2012
I had this extension installed, configured and working perfectly in under 90 seconds. Congratulations to the developer for getting it so right!
byTrueOz, December 21, 2011
If only every Joomla! extension was as easy to use at easyblog. The extension installed easily. The user interface is so intuitive as to render documentation all but unnecessary. Set up and customization was a breeze. We had our first blog post published within minutes. One of the best Joomla! extensions I've ever used - you guys rock!
byTrueOz, April 22, 2010
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Easy to install. Easy to use. An absolutely indispensible SEO tool for any Joomal! site running one of Joomla!’s many SEO unfriendly extensions. Many thanks to the developer.
byTrueOz, April 15, 2010
Easy to install and use - excellent extension. Webmasters need to be aware that when submitting this sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools, that Google does not like the native sitemap extension (e.g. /sitemap.html) and considers it to be a html page. You can find the fix for this at