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byTrueOz, July 23, 2014
As a lover of all things RS Joomla! I decided to give the Blog a go. I had been using EasyBlog (another paid extension) for about two years, across multiple sites. RS Blog is simply better.

The big thing I like about this blog, aside from it's ease of use, is the fact that RS Joomla! have so many other excellent extensions, all of which are guaranteed compatible with one and other. This makes my job as a develop for clients very easy indeed.

The support is great with this company, pricing is realistic, and multi-site licenses are available. An all-round great deal.
byTrueOz, July 23, 2014
I have been using RS Firewall for about 18 months now, and have now deployed it on dozens of sites. These days, it's the very first extension that gets installed on all new instances of Joomla!

I own a number of directories in the financial services vertical, and have had some sites hacked ten or more time before we started using RS Firewall. There has not been a single successful hack attempt on any of our sites since we started using this excellent extension.

I own a lot of RS Joomla! licenses, and am a huge fan of this developer. They keep their products current, their pricing is realistic, and their support is excellent. A first rate extension from a first rate developer.
byTrueOz, July 23, 2014
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I've now used this extension on about half a dozen websites. Easy to install and configure. Easy to use. Makes you look like a genius when you put it on client sites. Thumbs up!
byTrueOz, July 23, 2014
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I purchased this extension and had it up and running in minutes. No need for any coding, CSS, or HTML - it works jut great right out of the box. I always love it when an extension (especially a paid one) does what the developer claims that they do. This extension does just that. Awesome! :-)
byTrueOz, May 18, 2014
I have built and operated numerous directories over the last five years, and have used a variety of extensions to accomplish this. JBusinessDirectory is far and away the best of those extensions.

The product installed without issue. The admin panel was intuitive and the product was not difficult to configure, and get working. I did encounter a number of issues with uploading data, via the CSV import function. The support from CMS Junkie in assisting to resolve this and other minor issues was EXCELLENT.

This extension is feature rich, and importantly the features actually work! I have found it to be compatible with a range of Joomla extensions such as RS Blog and RS Comments. The site works very well on a responsive template, particularly if you’re prepared to play with the CSS a bit. Overall, it’s a very hassle free extension to use.

There are a few things with the current product that could be better. The documentation is a little inadequate, and the support forums are a little patchy, probably because it's a fairly new product. I know that they are doing a rewrite on the User Manual now, which will be really helpful.

Probably the most frustrating issue is modifying the language files, only to have them overwritten with each upgrade. Even with saved files, it took me over an hour to locate and edit all the changes I had made previously, after upgrading. Given the overall quality of this extension, that is a very trivial annoyance indeed!

Even though the extension is not perfect, I gave it five stars because the support is so very good, and it's crystal clear that the developer is hell-bent on further developing JBusinessDirectory into an even better product, with each release. Well worth the money. Love your work guys!
byTrueOz, February 6, 2012
I had this extension installed, configured and working perfectly in under 90 seconds. Congratulations to the developer for getting it so right!
byTrueOz, December 21, 2011
If only every Joomla! extension was as easy to use at easyblog. The extension installed easily. The user interface is so intuitive as to render documentation all but unnecessary. Set up and customization was a breeze. We had our first blog post published within minutes. One of the best Joomla! extensions I've ever used - you guys rock!
byTrueOz, April 22, 2010
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Easy to install. Easy to use. An absolutely indispensible SEO tool for any Joomal! site running one of Joomla!’s many SEO unfriendly extensions. Many thanks to the developer.
byTrueOz, April 15, 2010
Easy to install and use - excellent extension. Webmasters need to be aware that when submitting this sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools, that Google does not like the native sitemap extension (e.g. /sitemap.html) and considers it to be a html page. You can find the fix for this at