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byTsuDhoNimh, December 20, 2007
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This is not a support question - it's a review. It's either missing some pieces in the ZIP file or the developer has some prerequisites thay have forgotten to explicitly tell me to install before running extplorer.

I have the requirements the component's home page stated it needs: PHP 5, Firefox with scripts enabled for the site.

eXtplorer_2.0.0_RC1 claims to have installed successfully on Joomla 1.0x but when I try to run it, I see an error message about a missing component: ExtJS Library could not be found.

The message test tells me to check the fetchscript.PHP file permissions and that file is not in the directory either.

Thinking I had a bad download, I downloaded the file again, and got the same results. It's dead out of the box.