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byTtfnJohn, September 24, 2010
BookLibrary Basic
BookLibrary is a great component with a limited, by design, function and that's to catalogue books.

For those reading, I bought the Pro version right away in order to take advantage of its features which are needed for the library I'm working on which has recently received a donation from a former priest and Bishop who has donated some 300 books to our small town church. Some very rare and old.

I had a problem where I needed to change the default BookID and sort from numberic and unique to alphanumberic and allowing for duplicatons as the classification for this purpose is the Dewey Decimal Classification (shelving) which allows for and encourages duplication. The site admin was both helpful and quick to respond once we overcame the problems that arise between native english speakers and those who aren't.

If you collect things other than books then JCollection is the choice but for books this is the best component I've seen for Joomla at any price. Well supported and well coded judging by it's performance.
byTtfnJohn, February 19, 2009
Fast and easy to use once things become clear. Luckily there's a link on the site to a quick little tutorial that makes it all come very clear.

It's only good because it's missing some really simple error checking such as an inbuilt email field that actually checks for the "@" and that kind of thing in it.

But, hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Great for quick, easy form creation that doesn't require a lot of fancy stuff in the background.
byTtfnJohn, February 28, 2007
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After three days of fighting with CiviCRM I finally gave up. I got a few successes only to get error messages about files not existing when I tried to use it after manual installs.

I don't care how good the code is, if you can't install it it's next to useless.

I agree with the comment that it needs to be set up as a separate application with a bridge like SMF and other large apps. There's simply too much here for the Joomla installer to handle reliably and I have yet to find a manual install that actually works.

Oh, and don't tell me to find another, more expensive, host. That's not a good enough answer to this kind of issue.
byTtfnJohn, October 15, 2006
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Apparently one needs to use other user group software than Community Builder to even start to get the groups feature going. It doesn't recongnize CB at all which isn't good and it doesn't support a logged in user even when that user is the admin.

Documentation is non-existant and the forums, while not dead, don't answer much. FAQ's are pointless.

Please write up user documentation on how to configure and use this and build in Community Builder support. Without the first this is an exercise in futility and until the second I see no use for it at all.