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byTweak91, August 17, 2013
SP Portfolio

Just downloaded this a week ago! Setting it up was not easy but after setting everything up it works right away, no errors!

Than just ad the css and customise it the way it match to your template and you have a nice portfolio.

I tried now a lot of different portfolio extensions and all they are missing is the easyness and looks as an totally finished product.

But the guys from joomshaper making good products!

One suggestion you win customers with is pure documentation.

byTweak91, June 22, 2013
My Sites
Very good and simple!

I will rate it 5 stars because it is simple to use and simple to customise and it's totally FREE!

byTweak91, June 1, 2013
ARI Ext Menu
For my first project this menu works out of the box and easy to customise! Tried a lot end this one came up as the easist!

byTweak91, March 23, 2013
Administration Brand Remover
This is an awesome little mod and easy to install. Is doet what it says it does!

It would be awesome to have this as in an administrator style. Nice and clean.
byTweak91, August 18, 2012
Cookie Alert
This cookie alert is just ook. With my template i need to give a place to popup and it was a pain to do so bacause did not understand why to choose the position because it needs on top of the site but with one position it poped above the site.

But is does what it need to do so i am a very happy man only need to style it to match my site!

5 Stars..
byTweak91, August 18, 2012
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Back in the day with joomla 1.5 i had some problems with the extension and never used it anymore.

Now my site is running 2.5 and considered a few weeks ago to give it a shot again! But wow it works like a charm so easy and everything works ok.

Have multiple faqs running it easy and fast is use!

So 5 STARS here you go it deserves it.
byTweak91, August 18, 2012
The extension joomisp does what it needs to do! For small beginning companies it's a very good solution! For now i can't say anything more than it works just fine!

Needs to say Jonas does a great job in responding to quastions and give the needed support to theire customers.
byTweak91, July 31, 2011
Server Status
This works just perfect!

This is what it should be a nice/complete working mod! Just excalent...

Rate 5 STARS for this awesome litle mod