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Akeeba Release System
I'm using all Akeeba extensions and Akeeba is an excellent company who build great, well thought out and reliable extensions.
I'm using Akeeba Release System for almost a year now and it's really a MAGNIFICENT download system!
Nicholas always searches for ways to automate cumbersome activities. A great example of that is bleeding edge, which automatically detects your uploaded downloads and changelog. Just FTP your download and refresh the front-end and you're done!
Amazon S3 and Akeeba Live Update support are also topnotch.

Support is as always very fast, friendly and of high quality. If you encounter an issue (which was rare during +/- a year of intensive use), it'll be solved within minutes.

Thank you very much Nicholas and keep up the good work!
byTwentronix, July 21, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
This is a great and reliable plugin with lot's of options, though quick in setup. Accurate support was given within hours.

I use this plugin for every website I'll need a Google maps for. If you'll need a Google map on your Joomla website, install this plugin: it's highly recommended!
byTwentronix, July 3, 2012
Admin Tools Professional
Admin Tools Pro is an awesome Joomla component of an awesome developer. It's very powerfull if you set it up correctly. The extra protection layer blocks lot's of hackers and minimize the chance of getting hacked (it's IMPOSSIBLE to secure a site 100%).

There are also some very handy tools included. I always use the .htaccess maker, which creates a detailed and good .htaccess file within minutes. Also the permission repair and database optimize functions are really handy. Just a couple of clicks and you're done.

Meanwhile the Admin Tools plugin does some automatic maintenance: session optimizer, cache cleaner, temp directory cleaner (improves security) and more. Keeping your site in good shape at these points.

It's advised to read the manual to get the most out of this component. Also don't just enable something if you don't understand it. For example some of my clients couldn't add Joomla users, because Admin Tools blocked it to improve security. Just turn the setting temporarily off and you're good to go.

Support is AWESOME and Nicholas often replies within minutes. Problems are most of the time solved within minutes or hours. To sum it up: Admin Tools Pro is a must-have extension, I wouldn't trust my site without it! Keep up the good work Nicholas!
byTwentronix, October 25, 2011
Tweet Display Back
This is a very nice Twitter module, with lots and lots of options. I've used it at multiple sites and really love it!

The support is excellent and the module is programmed nicely and supports template overrides. I also love the Twitter action buttons (reply/retweet/favorite).

If you didn't installed it yet, you should really try this module. You won't regret it!
byTwentronix, August 31, 2011
Admin Menu K2
Very handy module! Works fine on two websites I installed it.

Only a pitty is that the normal articles are only accessible by the control panel, sometimes you'll need both shortcuts.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, in the new Joomla 2.5 module you can choose to show both the default Content menu and K2 Content menu or only one of them.

byTwentronix, August 9, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Very nice backup solution, should get 10 stars in stead of 5! Thanks!
Excellent Firewall!
Using it on 5 websites and couting.

I have some suggestions to keep it the best:
- Emergency shutdown button (see Admin Tools)
- Automatic IP banning for high alerts (adjustable)
- More extensive back-end access control
- Check for all vulnerable extensions, not just Jummi
- Maybe a passive scanner that scans ones a day all files (see Eyesite)
- Checking/adjusting default admin ID (not sure if it does).
- Checking/adjusting default database prefix

Don't get me wrong there are LOTS of possibilities with this excellent Firewall!
System Lockdown is also nice, don't forget to add a secure password to RSFirewall!
Can't say anything about the support, didn't need any yet (Good manual)

BUY this Firewall, your Joomla website deserves it!
byTwentronix, May 11, 2011
Great extension, not only lot's of SEO features but also security features!
REALLY worth it's money and a MUSTHAVE for any Joomla site that needs SEO.

This is the least I can do to thank Jimmy for his excellent support!
byTwentronix, April 3, 2011
Really like it!

Good looking, easy to install: thanks!
byTwentronix, April 2, 2011
With some programming skills you can really make the most out of Joomla with this component!
byTwentronix, February 21, 2011
Q K2 Social Share Pro
Very nice social K2 plugin, recommended!
Used it for a news blog.

Changed the default maring-left to margin-right to let it allign properly.
byTwentronix, December 20, 2010
Very nice form with lots of possibilities and userfriendly. Also for non programmers.

Excellent support, with Markus you really feel like the Client that's King. Thank you Markus!
byTwentronix, August 30, 2010
Good plugin! Thanks!

The guys that locks themself out have to login with their password (that they entered at the plugin) in the url:

A double checkfield for entering password would be a nice update.
byTwentronix, August 27, 2010
Article Lister
Very nice module! v1.0.3 is only not html valid because of a little bug (missing "" around href).
byTwentronix, August 19, 2010
Indeed a very good image slideshow with a lot of features: recommended!

I'm a bit amazed there are not more reviews, more then 12.000 views. Let's support the developer by writing a review.