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byTwila, June 11, 2013
I have been using Testimonials for a couple years now and I am very pleased with it's effectiveness.

Users "get" it and submit testimonials without challenge.

It is a very easy and quick set up with various options including a nice flash module that shows off your testimonials.

I highly recommend this extension.

byTwila, June 11, 2013
Comparison Chart
This extension does an outstanding job of comparing items with flair. It has a very professional look and feel that is easily tweaked to fit your site.

It is feature rich. I really like the way the info is displayed. You have a list that shows the titles of the items you are comparing... when you click on the titles there is an accordion effect that allows the user to read more information about that particular item.

I would recommend this extension to anyone who wants to provide an attractive representation of the features in any type of comparison. I am currently using it to compare various membership plans available to my users.

It works great!
byTwila, November 14, 2012
Community Quiz
I have a site that is focused on learning. It encourages people to share information with each other. Community Quizzes is going to be a wonderful addition to my site so that users can have a different and fun way to share information. I am very excited to get it going. I had one little glitch with an error warning and the support I received was excellent! I have other components built by this team and they are all excellent!
byTwila, July 3, 2012
DT Register
I have been using DTregister for going on 2.5 years. It is by far the best events component available at this time.

Support has been excellent - only a couple of glitches in all this time. This last one is a strange glitch, but Nathan got everything working again.

As far as the component itself it is very full featured with everything you would want with event registration including many payment gateways, ability to offer events free, e-mail handling, integration with several other components including jomsocial. I really like it because it is so very flexible - you can set things up various ways to meet your site and aesthetics needs.

I heard that it's going to get even better soon.

I thank them for continuing to support Joomla 1.5 as some of us have such large sites with so many extensions that upgrading has to wait until a better time of year to upgrade.

Thanks so much for creating and continuing to improve a fantastic component!

byTwila, December 15, 2011
This component is a "must have" for every website. As the name implies - you can breeze through creating forms on your site that can capture important information. The forms are very pleasing to the eye and function flawlessly.

If all that wasn't enough... crosstec support is absolutely fantastic. They are very responsive and fix the problems. I only had one glitch with a conflict created by another component - Crosstec support quickly fixed the conflict and I am on my way.

Thanks to Crosstec for creating such a powerful tool.

ActiveHelper LiveHelp
If you want to be able to interact with users on your sight - this is a must have extension. It offers more than just the chat feature - various reports, ability to use on all your sites that need live internet support.

Best of all, the developers of this extension are there for you like nothing I have experienced before. Very knowledgeable and very willing to help you work out a kink.

I just got mine running with a lot of help because I had goofed when setting the extension up. I can't say enough about the support I received.

So now I can just chat away with clients answering questions. It also let's you initiate a chat with someone or everyone on the site - kewl!
byTwila, July 13, 2010
Music Collection
This extension not only streams music on demand - it also streams video. It was easy to set up and gives us all the functionality we need.

To make it even better, Germi is extremely helpful if you want to customize the extension to fit perfectly with your needs.

We are using it to offer self-help audio/video's on a paid membership site. It works great!

Thanks for this excellent extension.