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byTwistOfFate, March 13, 2007
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Security Images
Sure the documentation is a bit light as I have seen some reviewers say, but the configuration is pretty self-explanatory. I have used this 3x and each time had it up and running in 5 minutes and I am still a joomla novice. The thing I don't like (and correct be if I am wrong) is there seems to be no way of making the captcha image not hot linked to the developer's website. I would prefer to pay to have that link removed than leave it as is. Also, since the "reload" button (for the captcha image in the event the user can not read it) is right next to the captcha image, the user can easily miss the reload button and click the captcha image, thus ending up at the developer's website. That is unsettling to user and site owner alike, since the user was obviously in the middle of doing something that required captcha image safe guards, like signing in, registering, using a contact form, etc.